What I Mean Is

Scared to lose

It's You.

Trespassers Will

Silly Miss

Sunshine after Rain

#SuperFastCaden said that it's unfair boys don't get bridal showers too. I asked him what they would get if they did... He says "Boxers and XBoxes." Can't argue with his logic.

I can still drive this road while putting on Makeup. #DontTellMyMomma

#WordsMissWrote "All these words I didn't say, wrecking balls inside my brain."

Handsome group of fellas I'm with today.

If you're not friends with us... It's probably for the best, we're mean. My Sammy.

Goofy boys.

Me and that pretty momma of mine.

Something romantic about ironing an old cotton dress, with a warm southern breeze blowing.

"Check it baby... Skootaahz." lol the scooter siblings!!

"She's a storm. Not the kind you run from, The kind you chase." #Lyrics and #Fanart

Showed Caden around some of my favorite spots in Siloam after service.


This sweet pup.... Known him since he was about 6 months old. We had to say goodbye to him this morning. 12 years wasn't long enough to love you Riddick. Thank you for waiting for me so I could tell you goodbye.

Personal time with this gorgeous new sister of mine, exploring her new home. 5 miles done for the day!

I believe I am.

���� 30 years ago tonight, a meteor shower heralded my arrival. The Perseid meteor shower will be a classic, excellent show to view tonight as well. The shooting star spectacle peaks tonight, Wednesday, into Thursday morning, with as many as 90 to 100 shooting stars an hour. Grab a drink, a blanket, and go out beyond the city lights to enjoy this free show. My gift to you all. ����

My baby brother Talon. Can't believe he's 22, and 6'4. I miss his little baby chunky thighs. Lol I love you booger butt.

Evening family drone hunt. Not a euphemism. Baby brother, nephew, sister in law, and myself.

#SuperFastCaden is not amusing baby TyTy