Just Bring It

So to Love Me


I should tell you, I should...

What I Mean Is

Scared to lose

Trespassers Will

Silly Miss

Sunshine after Rain

Something romantic about ironing an old cotton dress, with a warm southern breeze blowing.

"She's a storm. Not the kind you run from, The kind you chase." #Lyrics and #Fanart

Showed Caden around some of my favorite spots in Siloam after service.

I believe I am.

🌠💫 30 years ago tonight, a meteor shower heralded my arrival. The Perseid meteor shower will be a classic, excellent show to view tonight as well. The shooting star spectacle peaks tonight, Wednesday, into Thursday morning, with as many as 90 to 100 shooting stars an hour. Grab a drink, a blanket, and go out beyond the city lights to enjoy this free show. My gift to you all. 💫🌠

Excuse my no makeup selfie, @tarah_luv @mrbowmansqueen @maeashley @kkstyles1 @smyles00 But check out this Southern hair of mine!!! Lol I just shampooed and air dried this morning

Hey mommy Carla, your adopted kids, pretending to love each other for one photo, just for you.

I Wanna Feel

Family dinner.


Exactly. It means I care enough about myself to wait for the right person. @Regrann from @r.h.sin - #rhsin #quotes #Regrann

Make Up Smeared Eyes

Sometimes, the hardest thing we can do, is show someone who we really are. But how else can we show we love them, if we don't give a part of ourselves? #WordsMissWrote

Facebook reminded me that I wrote this last year. Something I need to continously work on. #WordsMissWrote #MissBoudoir

This gent and his bird always have words that life my heart. @Regrann from @r.h.sin - Our new #book #EssenceOfOurAshes is now available: link in Bio • #rhsin #Regrann

Divorce in Memes Because Thursday