Family dinner.

Obviously, my child. Check out that epic tan line. #SuperFastCaden

Said goodbye to my week long house guest. I can't believe it's over already!!! See you soon @jeny_bean

Spoke with my apartment manager this morning. She says to me : Did you know, MissCrystal Nelson, that you are a very girly person? Your clothes, your packages, your apartment... Did you know you're girly?? Me: Yes. Yes I do. Manager: Right on MissCrystal Nelson, you be you. Me: I surely shall. #SillyMiss

#pictureperfect #AmericanRiverTrail

5 years ago, today, I took this photo. Caden and I were in Arkansas visiting family, and Caden fell asleep on the way to eat. He was cranky waking up and do uncle Kyle @ace_scape picked him up and held him until our table was ready. Kyle was with me when Caden was born. (on the other side of the hospital door, yelling at me to give the Dr's Hell.) Now this photo is particularly special because, In the background, you can see both of my grandparents together. You can never take enough photos.

Someone else was up all night too, and was complaining of a headache before he fell asleep in my bed. #SuperFastCaden

4th night in a row!! #cantstopwontstop

My love. �� @ru317 @kkstyles1

Sometimes, I love the Facebook Memories. I wrote this a few years ago. #WordsMissWrote


Wrestling with #SuperFastCaden who cheats by trying to eat my fingers. Happy Friday!!!

Hey Arklehoma friends and family, you might have heard that our family is having a couple of weddings soon, so #SuperFastCaden and I will be heading your way in a few weeks. We'll be staying with momma and Bill from August 5- September 10. We can't wait to see everyone! #MissAndCadenTakeTheShowOnTheRoad

#SuperFastCaden taking a quick power nap before meeting... This will be me later, as my brain decided I only needed two hours of sleep last night. #InsomniaSucks

Work Day Dreams

Exactly. It means I care enough about myself to wait for the right person. @Regrann from @r.h.sin - #rhsin #quotes #Regrann

6 miles..... And I made a friend! #AmericanRiverTrail

Make Up Smeared Eyes

4 miles. #NoFilter #AmericanRiverTrail

I hope any who can, will attend the memorial service for Louie Tyner.

Sometimes, the hardest thing we can do, is show someone who we really are. But how else can we show we love them, if we don't give a part of ourselves? #WordsMissWrote

Today we lost a very dear family member, a piece of our heart, and one of the happy memories in my childhood. My heart is breaking for the Tyner family during the loss of their husband/father/grandfather. You are in our prayers.

#SuperFastCaden and I made chicken tortilla soup and gluten free marshmallow brownies with ice cream! He's a chef in the making.

My sweet #Foxxie, I think she's happy I'm home. #PupCakes

I won't try to destroy you until after my first cup, but I'll have my eye on you. #SillyMiss