I want to be timeless.
Just as I am now.
So when you finally see that it's always been me
You get beauty you can adore.
I want you. 
With eyes like the sea after a storm.
Eyes I can drown in.
You're the words I play on repeat at night.
The ones I whisper with a smile.
Your voice keeps me safe while I sleep.
Ever anticipating the next time a wink will be aimed in my direction.
You've always managed to knock me to the ground with the light in your eyes.
You put your arms around me and I'm home.
I'll drown in this feeling.
I hope you'll climb over all my walls,  and catch me soon,  for I've fallen.
Your heart,  my compass that points North to home.
Stuck in the moment of perfection.
Until you notice I exist.

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