You said you were afraid to lose me, and then you faced your fear and left.
Oh no please.
It's all my fault.
My fault for assuming your protestations of love were more than just air.
My fault for thinking you cared.
Let me take another step back.
Give you more room to be a coward.
It's funny how I never doubted that you loved me, never until this moment.
And I took it for granted that loving me would make you brave. Because I thought you saw the courage it took for me to love you too.
Because what is it to me if you love me, or miss me, or need me...  When you are doing nothing to be with me.
If you can't allow me to be the love of your life, then I will gladly be the loss of your life instead.
And on the day you find that you have everything, I hope you remember who loved you when you had nothing.

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