Have you ever received a compliment that you don't feel as though you deserve? I get told I'm brave. I hear that one often actually.

1. I'm brave because I left home at a young age and took care of myself.
2. I'm brave because I live 2000 miles away from my family.
3. I'm brave to have stayed married to a liar and cheater for 12 years.
4. I am brave to be a single mom.
5. I'm brave to travel across the country with only my Son.
6. I'm brave to run races alone.

None of these things depict bravery in my mind. To me, a brave person is someone who sees danger coming, and faces it. I am just a survivor. I cope with the difficulties life throws. But I rarely see them coming. I just survive day by day. Baby steps.

I know, for me, what it would mean to be brave. And I have not done it.

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