You set fire to my skin while placing my heart at peace.
I see your value, even through your darkness. The darkness and light that fractures across your body in a beautiful mosaic. All of the pieces that hold you together and pull you a part and create a human I adore.
And so, I try to prove to you that someone can show you loyalty without even being asked, by holding a space for you until you choose to make it your own.
For you have taken my dreams and breathed life into them. Making them shine with the passion of an authenticity more bittersweet than any illusion could allow.
You honor me by unraveling your secrets in pieces and corners. And I will wait while you venture off path, and retrace steps, to heal yourself. You are still in progress—the transient phase between sleeping and awakening—and I  have no desire to rush your journey, because I accept all of you.
Because I understand that sometimes we have to be taught what love isn't, before we can see what love is.
For all of these reasons, plus more, I will not expect more than you can give and I will not attempt to change you.
Maybe one day you will see me, the girl with gleaming eyes and stardust dancing under my skin. The woman who could love you not only for who you are, but for what you can give me. Knowing that it’s not a matter of whether it will ever be enough—because in reality, there may never be a feeling of having enough time with a man who sets fire to her skin and her heart at peace, but a matter of daring to love you exactly as you are.

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