Lost Love

The shadow of what we had haunts me.
I remember  you,  and how you'd hold me.
Always keeping me safe.
Reminding me in all of the little ways,  that I was too naive to notice, that I was loved.
I ache to make you understand how sorry I am for breaking you.
For breaking us both.
I don't regret leaving.
I regret that it cost me you because I crave you in a million ways.
You don't need me,  you learned that lesson,  grew stronger.
But I still wish you could see in side my heart.
The memories I cherish,
The way I view you,
And the happiness I feel at being your friend.
If you only knew,  you'd never doubt yourself again.
It'd be an Irreplaceable gift.
Like the one you gave me.
Of being my first love.

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