Understanding this Miss

1.  I am difficult to love,  with impossibly high walls,  but I am worth it.
2. Being a mother will always be my first priority.  Love me as a mom.  Love my kid, he is worth it too.
3. I won't give out chances like candy.  Life is too short to be  miserable questioning someone's honesty.  And I'll pick my own happiness over you every time.
4. Don't be afraid to talk to me about how you're feeling.  I can tell when I'm being shut out,  and I don't like it.
5. I am here to enhance your happiness. Not make you happy,  or save you.
6. My insecurities don't define who I am,  but they do haunt me.  I need you to respect that.
7.  I am damaged.  But I don't need you to fix me. Be gentle with me while I fix myself.
8. I'm scared of how you'll hurt me,  and that makes my walls extra high.
9. I won't need you.  But I will want you.  If I am with you,  it's because you enhance my happiness and I want to create a life with you.  But I will never allow myself to need another person again.
10. Show me what you're passionate about. I fall in love with passion.

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