I never counted the cost to myself,  of what it meant to stay.
Continuously trapping myself in a cycle of pain.
I was too busy trying to convince you I was worth staying around for.
I never stopped to wonder if you were worth it.

So willing to pay any cost,  no thought to my own needs.
I bought every word you read me with pleasure.
Begging for more,  not caring if the script was believable.
The result was that I got so caught up trying to save you,
That I lost myself.
Solid air.
I existed invisibly.
Eventually even you stopped noticing me.

And you didn't stay.
I sacrificed everything.
And then you broke the last of me as you walked away.
Now that I've swept up the last of the mess you made,
All I can see,
Is that you were never worth me.
I'm glad I didn't stay, waiting on a soul who was never here to begin with.

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