What You are like, in my mind.

You're like the calm after the storm. The steady, stalwart presence, of everything that's left unbroken and still standing. A beacon of hope and perseverance.
You are the peace after a long day. When no words are needed. When it's nothing in particular, but all of the little things piled up, and I just need to let a few tears fall. You are the lingering kiss on my forehead that brings back my smile.
A cat, lazy and stretching in the sun that shines through my window. Indolent and relaxed and so sure of himself, you can't help but reach down to stroke him. That's your smile. It moves me. 
You are funny, so effortlessly. Like the breathe taking moment of the sun slowly slipping behind the curve of the earth. I always want to go back and relive the moment of falling into the warmth of your laughter. 
If I were to attempt to capture your mind in a picture, it'd be a library. One so beautiful and detailed it could be in a castle. Filled with books of every shape and size, all of them are your stories, your truths, and I want to read them all. My fingers itching to trace the spines of the ones I already know by heart.
Your skin, I want to explore, the way my feet have explored this world. Leaving nothing untouched.
In my mind you are timeless strength and grace. In my mind are home.

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