Trespassers Will

I'm awake.
And alive.
And I don't know what I'm seeing.
All of a sudden my dreams seem perpendicular. 
The world can't hold me in.
You have a dark edge that calls to the predator in me.
Maybe I'll let it consume me. 
Revel in it.
Or walk that fine glittering line that defines the darkness and the light.
My imagination tires of wandering the world for my amusement. 
I'll paint my eyes in shining golds.
All the better to catch the sun with.
Make her whisper all the secrets that lay within her folds.
Then scatter them like ashes on the wind.
Laugh in the face of her tears.
Because I can.
Because it gives me a false sense of power,
and falling through the floor feels so much better when it hurts the most.
I could give myself to you, inspire my imagination for a night.
But it's so cliche.
I'm so much more mysterious when I walk alone. 
I can pretend that you can't read me like sheet music played down my spine.

"So I will hum alone, too far from you.

All that I say now is nothing to you.

We will lie under different stars.

I am where I am and you're where you are, you're where you are."
Different Stars -Trespassers William

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