Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watching a movie with Caden. (Or trying to...)

Seth had to work tonight so Caden and I ordered pizza and settled in to watch a movie.
I had 1951's Showboat on the DVR, staring Ava Gardner.
I just love old movies!!
And Caden enjoys the singing and dancing too.
However my son talks...a lot.
My son...Go figure!
Want to know how much?
Well I took notes...ENJOY!!

Did you know I can't learn anything without my brain?
That song wasn't my favorite.
I just remembered that the river travels to PaPa and Bella's house.
The guy dances great but the girl isn't my favorite.
PaPa loves singing you know.
We're not black. But we are a tan family. But daddy's white like PaPa.
Girls are always smarter than boys huh?
I know how to make an X!
~makes car driving noises~
What is this show all about?
-17 Minute mark-
Can we watch a movie now?
No I meant a good movie.
Oh I watched a new funny video at school today.
Why is she singing?
There is always a lot of singing in your movies.
Why are they dancing?
Who is singing now?
No mommy, he's not black he's brown.
(Man singing "Old Man River.")
Is this the end?
-40 minute mark-
How many toes do I have if one  gets chopped off?
Tell me about the book we read last night?
Did you know that fish stink?
Her dress is ugly.
I can burp and O sound!
Do you remember how much batteries my leapster needs?
Is it over yet?
-55 minute mark-
When I flap my arms I still can't fly. Can I have a propeller?
Do you know what skittles are?
What's batting eyes?
I love my cars blanket.
- 1 hour 4 minutes mark-
Can I watch one of my movies after this?
Was I at your wedding?
Oh, then was I in your tummy?
What did your wedding look like then?
I'm calling my arm Zuchinni!
The good night show is on at night, and it's night. Sooooooo?
Aw! Her husband's heading west? That's so sad!!!
Who is that girl? Is she the one man's wife?
I'm gonna do a cool dance!
I'm gonna be a rockstar when I grow up!
-1 hour 17 minute mark-
Is it almost over?
Big sigh
I wish I could meet her! She's a good dancer!
I want to see a showboat!
That's a pretty cool magic trick!
Can he make my chopped off toe magic back?
Why is he kissing her?
Aw the Daddy came back to save her.
I really loved that movie mommy!

My son the spaz. I am worn out just from answering questions!!! I had to take a picture of my notes from the movie. I just sat there while watching it and wrote down everythng he said.

Lol Can't wait for the next movie night!!

Award for the Queen!

Apparently not enough people cared to vote for The Queen so that she could get the Freakiest Blogger Award. Honestly if she doesn't deserve it who does?
I don't even know anyone else who wanted it!!!
So, in the fashion of how it goes in the real world,
Emmy's don't matter, Viewer's choice does!!

We would like to award The Queen the Viewer's choice award for Freakiest Blogger!

Names will not be changed to Protect the Innocent?

Have you met my new bloggin BFF Ange?
Well you can't meet her right now as she is having surgery!!!
But you can go and wish her guest blogger the best of luck in filling in for Ange while she is away.

Names Will Not Be Changed To Protect The Innocent

Or you can go and catch up on all her amazingness and then you'll feel like you know her on Monday when she gets back!
Ange I miss ya and I hope you recover quickly!!

Many Projects

I have been doing lots of projects recently.
Painting the Living Room was just the start. I had these shelves that I got from my MIL a few years ago and they were a dingy white from years of use.

So I painted them.

And now they are ReHung.

And I think they look amazing!

Last week I had cleaned out every drawer and cupboard in my Kitchen.
Yesterday I did the Bathroom.
My Bathroom has 2 tall and deep cupboards. Which sounds great in theory.
But in reality it's not.
They are so deep that I can't even reach my arm to the end.

And I need a stool just to see into the top ones.
Seth was kind enough to be my model! You can see how high they are!

This is my shelf. A threw out anything that I hadn't used in 6 months.

This is Seth's shelf. That blue spray bottle is what my arm can reach at a full stretch.

The very top shelf is stuff that we don't use very much but need, or is extra stuff.
And the bottom two shelves is Caden's bath things and first aid and cleaning supplies.

So recently I have become even more addicted to design shows.

Clean house with Niecy Nash is my fave.
lol How bad is that?
But I know I have borderline Hoarder tendancies.
We moved ALL the time as a kid. Not just cities and states but dozens and dozens of houses.
And every time we moved my parents made us kids get rid of TONS of things.
And when I left home all I got to take was a duffel bag.
I went back a few years later and my Mom told me that my step-dad and sister had thrown most of my stuff out.
She had kept 2 small boxes of my stuff.
So the stuff I have from my child hood I don't want to let go of.
Even though I have outgrown a lot of it.
Even things like Psychology books, that I read once and haven't touched in years is hard for me to let go of!
Combine that with not sleeping the last week and I am getting a little weird.
I have this running thought that I will die and Seth's family will be here sorting through my stuff and they will find the huge mess under my bed and in my closet.
And that's how I'll be remembered.
By the fact that I left my husband a huge mess under the bed when I die.
SO....Last night while Seth was at work I tore my room apart.
I even moved the bed into the hall way.
I tossed out bags of stuff.
And I moved the room around a little to make it feel more open.
Now all I have is 4 small pink storage boxes and a snowboard under my bed!

I'm really happy with it.
Not this weekend but the next Seth is going to help me go through my closet and get rid of books and clothes and other things that I am hanging on to and shouldn't be!!
This is the great purge of my life.
It's not going to be easy...But I know it will be worth it!
AS Niecy says:
"We're gonna get to gettin!!! And no more Mayhem and Foolishness!!"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We have been Double Dog Dared!

Jen at the Daisy Approach has set forth one Wicked challenge!!!

And since it's Hump day=The Naughty List and Wicked Wednesday I am taking her up on it!

Link up if you dare: I double dog dare you though, with a cherry on top!

It's simple answer the questions. Be as risky or virginal as you want

1. Would you ever have a threesome or have you?
I have not. And the more I think about it the more I am pretty sure I would not.
2. Lights on, candle light, or off?
I usually don't pay attention. And I think it depends on the mood.
3. Does size matter?
Not really. I don't like having my cervix bumped, so too long wouldn't be my thing.
4. Craziest place you ever got down to business
By the river, under an over pass. The over pass consisting of one of the biggest roads in this city.
5. How quick was your quickest quickie?
Wow....Um...Probly ten minutes?
6. Food that makes you think sex?
Oysters and chocolate covered strawberries. lol Ya I'm so creative!
7. Do you like your man to be manscaped? If you are a man do you manscape?
I don't care as much. I like to run my hands through hair
8. Ladies do you keep your garden tended?
YES! I hate body hair on myself.
9. How do you feel about making home movies?
I have done it....But I am not real comfortable with the idea because it's too easy for those to make it into the wrong hands.
10. Ever been caught by the kids?
Thankfully not yet!!
11. Do you like sweaty sex?
Sometimes....Like right before a shower, or in the living room. I don't like being sweaty in bed.
12. When did you lose your virginity?
I was 17.
13. How do you feel about sex while pregnant?
I never felt more like having sex then when I was pregnant. I even had my first sex dreams when I was pregnant. I think Seth used to try different techniques to keep me away from him while I was pregnant. I was pretty insatiable!
14. Song that put you in the mood
Pony- By Far If you haven't heard it...You need too!
15. Number of orgasms you have had in one night?
Probly record is twelve.
16. Have you had sex in a car?
Oh ya. lol Lots of cars!
17. Do you have toys?
Of course!
18. How do you feel about guy toys?
Depends on what kinds.
19. Would you ever pierce your yoohoo?
NO! I had a friend who did that once. And her clit turned green and hurt her really bad. Now she has reduced sensation. It works fine the way it is!! It doesn't need any bling.
20. Explain your kissing style.
I'm just a great kisser! I like nibbling. But not real wet. I don't like being drooled on.
and lastly...

21. What is your body part? Some girls love arms or ass, guys butts or boobs?
I think a guys ass is hot. And I love hands!

Will you accept the challenge and do your own 21? If you do go and link up with Daisy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Naughty List is here!

Life As I See It


Happy hump day loves!
Hope You're all having  great week.
Time to dust your shoulders off and bare your soul.
Don't forget to check out my fellow co-hostess's!


My Naughty List for the week:
1. I have not done dishes since Sunday. Ya Jena...The brownie dish is still in the sink. I'm going through a Not Sleeping Stage again...About 3 hours a night. So between extreme tiredness and major migraines I am ready to die and dishes are not on my to do list.
2. I am doing two reviews right now for two different decal companies. But I co-ordinated the products I am receiving around each other. So I am waiting for the second to show up before I place and review the first. Naughty me!
3. I spend most all day Sunday having sex on the couch. Caden was napping most of the day since he is still on cough medicine, so we took advantage of the time alone. LOVELY!

Now here are your 5 Naughty Questions:
1. When did you first realize you had a naughty streak?
2. Have you ever stolen anything? What? why?
3. Have you ever cheated at anything?
4. Your most used position for sex?
5. One place or thing that's in your fantasies but rarely or never in your sex life.

1. When did you first realize you had a naughty streak?
When I was 17 and I worked at a sex shop. The thought of it seemed frightening at first. But I really got into it!!

2. Have you ever stolen anything? What? Why?
Once. When I was 12. I stole a little key chain calculator. They were giving them out at school for everyone who had sold so many magazine subscriptions. I'd had to miss a few days of school and didn't get to turn in my sales on time. All of my friends had one and I didn't. So I tried to steal one from a store in the mall. But I got out. And My parents made my life hell.

3. Have you ever cheated at anything?
No. I have always been too scared that I would get caught.

4. Your most used position for sex?
Probly missionary. I love being able to touch hubs all over. Plus I like to move around a lot and that position makes movement easiest!

5. One place or thing that's in your fantasies but rarely or never in your sex life.
A third person. lol! Probly music. We never plan sex, it just happens. But I want to get a CD player for our room so we can have music.

Now Post your answers on your own page, or in my comments and link up!!
**** Would you like to be a Naughty List Co-Host?
Or have some naughty questions for us to use?
Please email me at

Also don't forget to check out the Bad Girls Club and Wicked Wednesday!

Bad Girl Bloggers Button

More personal thoughts.

Up until a few years ago a lot of people didn't like me.
To be blunt, most people thought of me as a real bitch. (Not in the god way. )
I didn't mind talking bad about people behind their backs. I held grudges. I judged  unfairly. I enjoyed saying things in a way that would shock other people. I had no problem getting up in someone's face and telling them what I thought.
I was not a nice person.
And the majority of the friends I had at that time were just like me.
When I started to change, a lot of it was because I saw myself in those friends. And I didn't like me. I knew the reputation I had and I knew it wasn't the real me.
It was the me I used to keep everyone else out so I didn't get hurt. It took me a long time to figure that out though. A lot of years of pissing off or hurting people.
I was the first of my so-called friends to change, some of them still haven't.
I have made so many changes the last few years that sometimes I don't recognize  myself. But everyone else does. And most people are still really wrapped up in who I used to be. I'm not denying that I hurt other people in what I said or did. But I have come a long way from that. And it's really hard when people would rather focus on what I did then. Especially people that I care about.

I carried my bad attitude for so long.  I had a chip on my shoulders from my parents, getting married at such a young age, having a baby young...I had so much anger in everything I'd had to give up or had lost over the years.
For a long time I blamed a lot of that on Seth. It wasn't fair that we had both made the same decision, yet I lost all and he lost nothing. I felt it was his job to make up to me everything I had given up and more. I'm still trying to reconcile myself to the fact that No matter what decision I had made I would have still lost it all.
2 years ago, a woman came into my life, very briefly, and she changed me. She opened up a part of me that I didn't know I had. I was happy and open and changing myself into a woman I might be proud of one day. She taught me what it was like to be loved unconditionally by a mother. And when she died I thought I would close back up, in my shell, and be safe. But she had changed me so deeply that I couldn't close up again.
Blogging helps me remember who I want to be. I have some really great friends now. Some of whom I wouldn't have had a few years ago. And while I wish I could open the eyes of the people I love, to whom I am now, Instead I'll focus on the ones who see me as I am now. Who see that I am trying. Who see that I am trying to recognize my faults and change them.
And I hope that I will be able to fully open my eyes to the people in my life who won't acknowledge my changes and my efforts.
And that I have the courage to kick their ass's to the curb.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Want to meet Mr. MissC*????

Yesterday I asked you to go and check out my real life friend Jena who just started blogging.

Today I am going to ask you to check out another new blog friend.
My husband.

Balls, Beer and Video Games.
lol Ya....All I gotta say is this better cut into his video game playing!!!
Check him out...He'll follow back!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Come check out my Bestie! FOR ME!!!

So one of my REAL LIFE Besties has started blogging!
Thanks to Moi!

You might remember the story I wrote a few days ago about my friend Sunshine.
Well this is her!!
Please go and give her some love! She is new to blogging and marriage and being out on her own.
MANY of you she has been following for a few months already. So do me a BIG fave and go follow her, let her know I sent ya!
And if I can ever return the fave I will!

Flat Iron Experts- Karmin G3 Flat Iron

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My Thoughts:
I am a huge Flat Iron User. So I love having a professional piece that also protects my hair.
I also loved the size of this tool. It's not as long as some I have owned, so it was much easier to control.
As you can see from the pictures below my hair is normally very wavy with some curl to it.
The first picture is my hair freshly washed and dried.
The second picture is my hair freshly flat ironed with the Karmin G3.

I did feel that my hair still had a bit of frizz to it when I was done straightening it out.
But after sleeping on it, it's still flat and shiny.
If you are looking for a great place to shop for Flat Irons I would easily recommend the
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Thanks Flat Iron Experts for allowing me to do this review for you!

Needs a new Everything.

About ten years ago I decided that one day I would write a series on my life. I would write the first book starting from when my parents met up until I was 12 and we left California.
The second book would be from when I first got to Arkansas to when I left at 16 and moved back to California.
The third book would be from when I met my husband to now.
The series would be called Life As I See It. I thought that with that title I could write my life story, it would be from how I perceived everything happening, and maybe, with a preface like that, I wouldn't be hated so much by my family.
So when I started blogging I thought I would use the same title, and my blog would help me remember what all I have dealt with now, and when I was up to writing about my childhood, it would be a great help in remembering everything.
Today I decided to Google the name of my Blog. And what I found is making me change my mind on a few things.
I found an amazing Blog, she has been blogging since 2006, way longer than me, and her Blog is Life As I See It.
Blog Button 2
From what I gather she is a photographer, and she runs marathons. She's pretty awesome!

I also found a book on Amazon called My Life As I See It.
It's a mother's memoirs on her Autistic Son.

Have I decided to change the name of my book if it ever gets written?
Well the jury is still out on that.
But I have decided that My blog needs a new name and a new layout. Drastically.
CB told me that when she sees my NickName she thinks of a stripper. (I heart your whore face for that one!)
So blog needs a hot new name and a sexy new layout!
I am currently accepting ideas for both!