Sunshine and the Piggies

I have a very sweet friend that I care a lot about.
Recently she went through a bad experience.
But because she is so sweet she won't really gripe about it.
So I am going to do it for her!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sunshine.
And she was married to Prince Charming

Sunshine and Prince Charming were leaving their love cottage for a few days to go to a wedding in Sunshine's family.

But Sunshine and Prince Charming had a little dog that needed to be watched while they were gone!

So Prince Charming called his sister and her husband to ask if they could come over and spend a few days house sitting!

This was a favor to Prince Charming's sister as Her and her husband were living with Prince Charming's mom, The Sexy Queen Bee.
They knew the couple would like some time on their own and house sitting was the perfect thing!
The Queen Bee called Sunshine and asked her to stock the house full of food for the House sitters as they didn't have the money to spend to eat out.

So Sunshine spent all day scrubbing her house, washing sheets and towels, even though the house sitters said they would be bringing their own sheets, and cooking them meals for each night they would be at the cottage.
When Sunshine and Prince Charming left their house in the royal carriage for their 4 days away, they knew that their house sitters would have every comfort!
After the Wedding, Sunshine and Prince Charming were on their long drive back to the cottage

When they got a call from the Sexy Queen Bee.

The two House sitter's could not find any dish towels. Why did Sunshine not leave any dish towels?
Sunshine was quite sure she had left some clean dish towels out on the counter. But assumed the situation would be resolved when she arrived home.
Upon pulling into the Cottage Drive way they noticed their own garbage can laying in their neighbor's front yard. And two very cross neighbors giving them the stink eye!

Apparently their garbage can had been in the neighbor's yard for a few days!!
While Prince Charming handled the Garbage can Sunshine noticed their mail box was over full with mail!
Not once had the house sitter's brought in the mail!
Upon entering the Royal cottage Prince Charming and Sunshine were alarmed at the condition of the house. It looked like two pigs had stayed in their Royal Cottage!
The dog had peed on the floor. The dog also had oatmeal all over the bottom of his royal dog crate. And one of his royal eyes was swollen and infected.
The counters were littered with food particles. The sink was full of dishes, some so encrusted with food that they would need to be thrown out. Towels, hair and other unmentionables covered every surface of Sunshine's bathroom. The sheets on Sunshine's bed were her own, Her only set, and they were filthy! And there were two clean dish towels sitting on the counter.
To top it all off, all of the food that Sunshine had bought and cooked was in the fridge uneaten.
Sunshine's poor little heart was broken.
Prince Charming, being the debonair husband that he is,

called the Sexy Queen bee.
The Sexy Queen Bee was quite Livid.
No one should speak ill against the Sexy Queen Bee's only daughter.
Prince Charming tried to explain!
But the Sexy Queen Bee would not listen.
She asked Prince Charming What did him and Sunshine expect from two people they did not pay any money to watch their home?
Prince Charming reasoned with his mother the queen, that they had provided food, cable TV, video games and their own little cottage to call home for a few days.
But the Sexy Queen Bee did not understand that line of reasoning.
So Prince Charming told The Sexy Queen Bee and the Princess that they would not be allowed over for awhile.

After cleaning and scrubbing once more, the Royal Cottage was finally clean. And Sunshine was her Sunshiny sweet self!
And even though they went through a tough time
Sunshine and Prince Charming were never more in love.

And they lived Happily ever after in their Royal Cottage.

**This story is in no way meant to offend. Just to share a tale of life with family. And hopefully bring a giggle to my friend Sunshine. WHO, does read my blog. So leave her a comment or two!

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