FORK!!! Who has the Fork?

Stick a fork in me people. I'm done!

Don't I look done??

Caden was sick yesterday. And he ended up being sick all night and all morning.
I was still up with him at 2 am and then we got up with him about every hour because he would wake up crying that he didn't feel good.
Then at 7:30 this morning he woke up and threw up all over the bed.
And then proceeded to throw up every 15 minutes until almost 11 am.
Seth brought him home Propel and Ensure and once he drank both of those he felt much better
and has been getting better ever since!

It's amazing how durable kids are!
Now I am WORN OUT!!!
AND...My throat is starting to hurt! YIPES!
I'm not liking this at all!!!

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