Many Projects

I have been doing lots of projects recently.
Painting the Living Room was just the start. I had these shelves that I got from my MIL a few years ago and they were a dingy white from years of use.

So I painted them.

And now they are ReHung.

And I think they look amazing!

Last week I had cleaned out every drawer and cupboard in my Kitchen.
Yesterday I did the Bathroom.
My Bathroom has 2 tall and deep cupboards. Which sounds great in theory.
But in reality it's not.
They are so deep that I can't even reach my arm to the end.

And I need a stool just to see into the top ones.
Seth was kind enough to be my model! You can see how high they are!

This is my shelf. A threw out anything that I hadn't used in 6 months.

This is Seth's shelf. That blue spray bottle is what my arm can reach at a full stretch.

The very top shelf is stuff that we don't use very much but need, or is extra stuff.
And the bottom two shelves is Caden's bath things and first aid and cleaning supplies.

So recently I have become even more addicted to design shows.

Clean house with Niecy Nash is my fave.
lol How bad is that?
But I know I have borderline Hoarder tendancies.
We moved ALL the time as a kid. Not just cities and states but dozens and dozens of houses.
And every time we moved my parents made us kids get rid of TONS of things.
And when I left home all I got to take was a duffel bag.
I went back a few years later and my Mom told me that my step-dad and sister had thrown most of my stuff out.
She had kept 2 small boxes of my stuff.
So the stuff I have from my child hood I don't want to let go of.
Even though I have outgrown a lot of it.
Even things like Psychology books, that I read once and haven't touched in years is hard for me to let go of!
Combine that with not sleeping the last week and I am getting a little weird.
I have this running thought that I will die and Seth's family will be here sorting through my stuff and they will find the huge mess under my bed and in my closet.
And that's how I'll be remembered.
By the fact that I left my husband a huge mess under the bed when I die.
SO....Last night while Seth was at work I tore my room apart.
I even moved the bed into the hall way.
I tossed out bags of stuff.
And I moved the room around a little to make it feel more open.
Now all I have is 4 small pink storage boxes and a snowboard under my bed!

I'm really happy with it.
Not this weekend but the next Seth is going to help me go through my closet and get rid of books and clothes and other things that I am hanging on to and shouldn't be!!
This is the great purge of my life.
It's not going to be easy...But I know it will be worth it!
AS Niecy says:
"We're gonna get to gettin!!! And no more Mayhem and Foolishness!!"

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