We have been Double Dog Dared!

Jen at the Daisy Approach has set forth one Wicked challenge!!!

And since it's Hump day=The Naughty List and Wicked Wednesday I am taking her up on it!

Link up if you dare: I double dog dare you though, with a cherry on top!

It's simple answer the questions. Be as risky or virginal as you want

1. Would you ever have a threesome or have you?
I have not. And the more I think about it the more I am pretty sure I would not.
2. Lights on, candle light, or off?
I usually don't pay attention. And I think it depends on the mood.
3. Does size matter?
Not really. I don't like having my cervix bumped, so too long wouldn't be my thing.
4. Craziest place you ever got down to business
By the river, under an over pass. The over pass consisting of one of the biggest roads in this city.
5. How quick was your quickest quickie?
Wow....Um...Probly ten minutes?
6. Food that makes you think sex?
Oysters and chocolate covered strawberries. lol Ya I'm so creative!
7. Do you like your man to be manscaped? If you are a man do you manscape?
I don't care as much. I like to run my hands through hair
8. Ladies do you keep your garden tended?
YES! I hate body hair on myself.
9. How do you feel about making home movies?
I have done it....But I am not real comfortable with the idea because it's too easy for those to make it into the wrong hands.
10. Ever been caught by the kids?
Thankfully not yet!!
11. Do you like sweaty sex?
Sometimes....Like right before a shower, or in the living room. I don't like being sweaty in bed.
12. When did you lose your virginity?
I was 17.
13. How do you feel about sex while pregnant?
I never felt more like having sex then when I was pregnant. I even had my first sex dreams when I was pregnant. I think Seth used to try different techniques to keep me away from him while I was pregnant. I was pretty insatiable!
14. Song that put you in the mood
Pony- By Far If you haven't heard it...You need too!
15. Number of orgasms you have had in one night?
Probly record is twelve.
16. Have you had sex in a car?
Oh ya. lol Lots of cars!
17. Do you have toys?
Of course!
18. How do you feel about guy toys?
Depends on what kinds.
19. Would you ever pierce your yoohoo?
NO! I had a friend who did that once. And her clit turned green and hurt her really bad. Now she has reduced sensation. It works fine the way it is!! It doesn't need any bling.
20. Explain your kissing style.
I'm just a great kisser! I like nibbling. But not real wet. I don't like being drooled on.
and lastly...

21. What is your body part? Some girls love arms or ass, guys butts or boobs?
I think a guys ass is hot. And I love hands!

Will you accept the challenge and do your own 21? If you do go and link up with Daisy!

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