Lots of Updates.

I have three things to update. The first is the most importat. I have been feelin kinda sad when it comes to my blog. And it's mainly cause I have been sad and gripey. I hate that. A new blog that I have been reading, Faces of a Mom and Wife lists 5 things that make her happy. And I love that. It makes me focus on what I am thankful for. So as my start I am going to do tht. But I am going to list 5 things that I am thankful to Seth for. Because honestly, in the last 2 months he has made a lot of changes that have touched my heart and my life much happier. (Like fixing the fence!^^^^)
1. He makes coffee for me every morning. EVERY. Even on the weekends when he can sleep in, coffee is made FOR ME before I get up. And if he is here when I wake up he brings it to me in bed. AWESOME!
2. He has been making a very conscious effort to drag  How I'm feeling out of me. And when he feels me shutting down he tells me, which makes me realize it and try to stop it. This has lead to a lot of heart to hearts recently.
3. He sits down at the end of the day and does a recap of what he did and who he saw or talked to. This is nice because then I know what plans have been made, and it also makes me feel connected to the outside world!
4. The last two weeks my health has been BAD. (I'll get to that.) And he has done housework and cooked dinner without me asking. AND he hasn't griped when I spend the whole day in my PJ's doing nothing.
5. He is really listening to me when I tell him what I think about certain situations or certain people's behavior, instead of writing me off as being negative.
                                                      THANKS LOVE!!!

Onto my health....
For those of you who don't know I was diagnosed with a hormone disease called Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom.  <
I have been getting, on average, 5 cysts per ovary rupturing, per day for the last 2-3 weeks. It has been SO painful, and it has sent my hormones into warp drive. I have been out of control weeping, acne, chocolate cravings so bad Seth has been sent running to the store at 1 am. Pain so bad I couldn't walk for two days. And since that swells my ovaries up it puts pressure on my tummy, so anything I eat comes up and hurts my ulcer. (Which I only have because of this dam disease.) I go to the Doc on the 20th so hopefully I will get some kind of news then!
My third...well that needs it's own post and I will need everyone's oppinion on it!!!

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