Some Changes in My Life.

As most of you readers know I have been going to Carrington college this last year to become a Veterinary Technologist. I chose a private college because I would be done in 22 months instead of 4 years. It is an accelerated course but I study well and am a willing student, and knew I would be fine.
Unfortunately their policies screwed me.
For my surgery, I missed 6 days of school. But they count it consecutively. So according to them I missed 13, and their policy mandates that, even with Doctor's notes-Even with the fact that I turned in homework while absent, they must dock me a full letter grade.
They also say that once you are back in class you must take all of the tests you missed that day. I had one hour to complete 7 tests, all on subjects that I wasn't in class to know anything about. (It doesn't help that I already get testing anxiety.) And this school only cares about your core grades, your test grades. So I was pretty much sunk from there.
For this school, if you fail one class by even 1 point, you repeat the whole term. So when I went in to talk with my teachers yesterday they let me know that they wanted me to repeat. And that was my only option.
Repeating is rough. I would be in a different time schedule, which means losing most of my hours at work. I would also be with a completely new class, losing all of my friends. I would also be given harder tests and homework, and anything below a B on a test would automatically drop me from the program. (Even if it happened 2 weeks in, I would still owe them for the whole 6 month term.)
I have spent a lot of time thinking and praying about what to do, and my decision is to not return to Carrington College when the new class starts next week. 
I can't tell you how hard it was to make this decision. I love being in school. I love my friends. And most of all, I know how this school already works and I do not want to change and start over. But those reasons are not good enough.
I haven't given up my dream to become an RVT however. I have already started looking into the city college courses and am pretty excited!
It's hard not to feel like I have failed at something. To be honest, this has really only strengthened my resolve on what I want to do. I want to be an RVT. I want to work and specialize with Large Animals. (No Queen, that doesn't include gators. Sorry.)
Plus I am pretty sure I have gotten the best that Carrington College had to offer me.
I got an amazing job! With an amazing Veterinarian who really teaches me and helps me.
(BTW You all need to go and Like their Facebook page right now, for me!!)
I milked a goat:

I also have the most amazing friends.

Some of whom have become my family.

I'm sad that this last year of my life has come to an end with not much to show for my hard work. But I am excited to see what happens next! And I know that Nikki will be happy to have me back online, in the blogger world, and also having time to answer her phone calls!

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