Mommy Dearest.

Yes this really is my Mom and StepDad.
Monday my mom got a hold of me. It's been roughly 2 years since we have spoken We do this every few years. Usually I am the one who can't take it anymore and I call her and we become friends for a little bit.
This time however it was her. Shocker # 1. She is having heart health issues. Not a Shocker. She texted me about that and then she wanted Caden to call her. So he did, and they talked but then she asked for me. Her and I talked for an hour and a half or so. About all kinds of stuff. Thankfully most of the family is my friend on Facebook so I already knew the true bits of family gossip and I could shut her down and not listen to the twisted versions. But she kept telling me that her and her husband want to give Seth and I an acre on their property to build our own house on. First of all No. MAJOR problems would ensue. They own enough property to burry their dead and no one would find them.
But the odd thing is that these are the same people who accused us of stealing their check book and credit cards 2 years ago and then kicked us out. Gave us the number to a homeless shelter and said they would keep Caden. Did she bother to apologize for it? Nope. She just pretends it never happened. Same thing she has been bitching about her parents doing for years!!!
I am at a point in my life where I feel confident to talk to her about this. Upfront but not accusatory. Just explain how I am feeling and see what she says. I feel like I need to talk about the most recent set of events. Seth thinks I should talk to her about my childhood. So I want your oppinions on the matter.
I honestly feel I will never get the whole truth about my childhood so I shouldn't worry about it just yet. But the stuff that happened two years ago affected Seth and Caden too. And she needs to know I'm not going to sweep it under the rug. Especially since the phone call/text messages since have had her controlling-esque qualities to it. Whatever I choose to do I will probly do on Monday. And it will be by email. I might even paste my email and her response here....
But in the meantime I am just looking for your oppinions on the matter.

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