PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Ok so the basics for this disease are that you get many painful cysts on your ovaries. However this is also considered a metabolic disorder. It means that there are numerous factors in basic body processes that have gone awry. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a dysfunction that is related to the whole body, not just the ovaries. The main cause of PCOS is genetics. If other woman in your family have had it more than likely you will get it to.
Common Side effects of PCOS are:
*Multiple Ovarian Cysts (duh)
*Irregular or Absent Periods. (Could be nice!)
*Acne (Double Dammit)
*Inability to Lose Weight (Triple Dammit!!!)
*Excessive Body Hair (Quadruple dammit and a OH HELL NO!)
*Insulin Resistance and Eventually Diabetes.
*Thinning of the Hair on the Head.
*Pigmented Skin Folds (EW!)
*Hormone Imbalance
*Impaired Lung Function (Just great for my asthma!)
*Sleep Apnea (That actually explains a lot)
*Fatty Liver Degeneration (Fat does not sound good)
*Depression (Yeah...uh...double check)
*Deepening of the voice (Guess that makes me a soprano 2 now)

There are some things that they can do. They will usually treat the symptoms, so hormone therapy, Birth control pills and anti-androgen meds.(Androgen is a male hormone. An overproduction of that is the cause of PCOS and some of the nastier symptoms) Also an anti diabetic drug called Metformin is given. In some cases they do Ovarian drilling. Which is drilling 4-30 holes into your ovary. OUCH!!! And sometimes hysterectomies. (Which they usually do not want to do in someone my age. But since my cysts are so bad and frequent and I already have one child they may re consider.)
If my PCOS is left untreated there are many bad things that WILL (not could) happen:
*Cardiovascular Disease
*Pregnancy Associated Disorder
*Cancer (Endometrial Cancer and Ovarian Cancer)
*Seizure Disorder

Ok so right now I just want to focus on finding a way to lose weight and get rid of the debilitating pain that I get when I have a cyst(s).
More when I know more.

Quick update...This is a picture I made. If my measurements are correct...which they may not be cause I suck at Math and I'm still in a pissy mood...That is roughtly 5 and 1/2 MM. Which is the size of the cyst the radiologist found last week on my Ovary. And an Ovary is roughly the size of an almond.
Hence the picture! lol ENJOY!

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