*Hiccup, Hiccup*

Ok so I have had one too many gin and tonics. and i'm writing this from my DSi cause i dont feel like gettin my butt off the couch...anywho...i had a doctor's visit today. LAME!!!
It was for a pap smear but they had gotten my ultrasound results back from the week before. and they aint good.
ok i already figured i had PCOS (Polly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) but my ultra sound confirmed it. my teensy little ovarie had a 5 1/2 mm cyst on it. stretchin my ovarie out. and considerin that one was not even that painful to me who knows how bad the others are!
basically...goodbye more kids...hello hystorectomy.
i have appointments scheduled at UCD. We shall seewhat happens.

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