Tra La La.

I have not written in awhile. I blame the meds. lol!
UGH!!!! But it's true. They tend to make me not monologue in my head all day so I don't know what to write.
Last Friday, a week from today, I was in the ER for 10 hours. They think I have ulcers. So now I am on new meds and I am waiting for an Endoscopy to be scheduled. Have I said that I have an app to meet with specialists about my PCOS? October......OCTOBER!!!! That makes me crazy!
Life is goin on. And I am just along for the ride right now. Sometimes I don't even feel like I am conscious for most of it. I am takin the max amount of Welbutrin everyday. I still have nightmares. I still get mad for no reason. I am still an insomniac. I just don't leak tears as easily as before. I cry...just not always tears. THAT'S ODD! I dunno....I hope some things get easier soon.

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