Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's my Friday!!!

So suck it to the rest of you.

I really kind of feel like ending my post right there.... But ya'll know  I am not that mean.
I NEED this week to be over. It's been long and stressful.
The good news is I only have 2 more weeks and I am done with this term and I get 10 days off.
No spring break for me. Just 10 days in between terms.
However... That ten days sounds FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!
I feel like a cave troll anymore.
I am nose-to-the-grindstone-never-take-my-nose-out-of-a-book busy.
But it seems to be paying off!!
And I think I will be spending my break moving.
Although I do have a delicious offer of a night of dancing that I will soooo be following up on.

Enjoy your Thursday my lovelies.
And be very jealous of me and my 1st Friday of the weekend.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don't duct tape the Momma!

Do you believe in censorship in writing?
What if your blog was censored?
You sit down, vent about your day, and the next thing you know not only has Blogger pulled your post, but they have your blog deleted and your URL up for anyone to grab.

Sounds hard to believe right?

But, sad to say, that is what happened to a fellow blogger today.
Momma Fargo. The Royal Family's Top Cop had her blog censored by Blogger.
What was so horrible that this upstanding Police Officer had written on her blog?
I honestly don't know. No one is sure, not even her.
She wrote one of her normal "Here is how my day went posts." She talked about a gathering of Native Americans that happens about once a year in the town she protects and serves, and she told a story about how last year during this party, when she put her life on the line to make her way through a deadly crowd, pepper spray in one hand and a night stick in the other, hoping she wouldn't have to use either, or even drop one to use her weapon. She was trying to get to a Native American Victim who had a knife fully embedded in his back. She talked about the man she arrested that night and the conversation they had, and how she understood  his position, how he felt, and could empathize with him. (Typical of a Momma Fargo post) She put herself in the man's place, and wrote an amazing post.
Not only did Blogger make her remove the post, but when you clicked on her blog it said:
This blog has been removed and this address is available, do you want it?

That's right. Her blog was gone. Thankfully they gave her blog back to her later, Sans post.
But anyone could have come and claimed her blog link, and all of her posts, her heartfelt ones, her funny ones, and the ones that drew others to her for help would all have been erased. As if they never existed.
She made a post after that called"
In it she explained that her other post had been removed, and that it had been removed so that she could have her blog back. Now she has been made to remove her explanation as well.

This is a blogger who is politically correct, she did not-nor has she ever, used Racial slurs, been racially inconsiderate, or even acted biased towards a particular race.
So why is SHE censored?
More importantly... Why is she censored when men like this not only post their sexist maliciousness on their blog, they post it in the comments sections of all the female bloggers they can find? He has never once been censored, even though he spreads hate, and lies about one particular group.

How do you feel about this?
What if this was you?
What happened today was unfair. And we need to make our voices heard to blogger about it!

Feeling helpless.

I hate feeling helpless.
I know, I know. No one likes that feeling.
But I think I am one of those people that really hates it more than the majority.
I was raised that if you needed something, you got it yourself.
And if you can't get it yourself then you obviously didn't need it.
I know this quality drives Seth right up the wall. Because I rarely come to him needing help.
I do it myself. And because of that I get  cranky, I throw my back out, or I piss someone off.
And if I can't figure something out I get frustrated and give up.
When, if I asked for help, I could have done it.
But with school it's different.
I am asking for help.
I even go to tutoring every morning.
And I am still failing one class by 6 points.
And what happens if I don't bring that 1 grade up???
I have to repeat the whole term.

It's frustrating for me to ask for help and still be failing.
And of course, as Seth reminds me, it really isn't all my fault.

I do my HW before it's due.
I do all of the assigned and extra reading.
I pay attention in class.
I turn in ALL of my HW.
I take notes in class.
I do about 3-5 hours of homework/studying per day.
I take my lecture notes to the gym with me and read them on the treadmill.
And yet.... Prepared or not, about half the test I don't know the answers too.
Somehow I missed that info in all of my studying, or wasn't able to fit the pieces together so that I could understand a question that was worded in a different context.

And it doesn't help that we get the lecture from one teacher, and then we get another teacher's test.
It doesn't help that we are so far behind that our Syllabus is non existent.
I wait every Thursday after class to discuss the following week's schedule with our teacher so that I can let my class mates know what needs to be studied, what HW is due, what tests we will have, and what we will be studying that week.
Some classes have had to be skipped altogether, and our teachers just give us the test for it as a "Take Home Quiz". Which means we have no lecture notes on the subject. And all I can do, after pouring over my 3 books, is Google the answers. The last test like that I still only got an 80%.
We rarely get study guides for our tests or our midterms.
One of our midterms was given to us 3 weeks late, and then we had to wait 2 more weeks to get our progress reports, and when we finally got them it was only our test average AND we only have 3 more weeks to bring those grades up.
Ya. I was ready to scream when that happened!
So I am frustrated, and feeling helpless.
That feeling I hate.
I don't know what to do.
It's hard for me to not feel stupid. Like this is completely my fault for not being able to figure this out. To fix this.
Now, tomorrow, I have to go into class early and sign a piece of paper stating that I realize I am on Academic Probation for the one class I am failing.
32 thousand dollars I paid for this class. And I will owe more if I have to repeat the term.

I know a lot of you will tell me I should just drop out and go to school for something else, but here's the thing....
I love my school.
I love my teachers, my classmates and what I am learning.
And I am REALLY good in this line of work.
I am only a first term student and the Veterinary office that I do clinic hours at once week is already talking about giving me a paid position. That has NEVER happened in the history of my school.
I am so happy! The skills that I am learning I know. I assist my Vet in surgeries already.
And I love love love this line of work.

So I don't know yet just what I will do.
Talking to my teacher tomorrow is step number one.
Maybe talking to the school counselor or the Dean will be step 2.
I am just not sure yet.

I just know I feel helpless and I hate this feeling.

Monday, March 7, 2011

School and School related things.

Well school is school is school.
No, I really do love being in school.
So what is the issue you ask?
Well.... I can't quite put my finger on it.
I know it's partly me, and I know it's partly the school.
My teachers are out-of-this-world fan-freakin-tastic.
I couldn't love them more.
But they are swamped with work. And over burdened.
My program's director took emergency medical leave a few months ago and hasn't returned.
Our Dr who also taught, found out she was pregnant and stopped teaching.
Now we have 3 teachers and one new Dr trying to teach 4 classes. It's not enough.
They don't even have the time to tutor us.
A good portion of my class is not doing well, the whole class is behind schedule, and We will all find out tomorrow who is on Academic probation when we FINALLY get our report cards. (Which are about a month over due.)
I know I am not doing well in Chemistry. I think I will need to bring up my grade at least 5 points, but I have a month to do it in. If I fail one class, by even one point... I have to redo the entire term.
Needless to say, I am stressing out.
The sad part is that when it comes to the practical skills, the ones I use every week in my clinic, I am amazing! My vet, who gets my free labor in exchange for the hours the state requires me to put in, already wants to hire me. My teachers have told me that they trust me and show it, by using me in class.
But when it comes to cell biology, oogenesis, genetics and punnet squares... Well I get lost.
I have to keep reminding myself that I am not getting a Veterinary degree.... A Science degree.
I think I am probly one of the most prepared students in class as well. I always have the books needed, homework is always done ahead of time, and I always do the extra reading.
I just keep thinking What if I fail this term? I wouldn't get to continue with my friends!
I suppose tomorrow will tell.

Royal Road Trip- Tattoos and a Missing QUEEN!

Well. you guessed it. 
The Royals have had another crazy day.
If it wasn't for camera phones NONE of us would remember a thing.
It all started with me sharing this CRAZY hot picture of Adam Lavine..

Then the Dutchess was on the lookout for a tattoo parlor. I swear we tore threw New Orleans trying to find just the right spot. What we all forgot however... Is that the Dutchess is one CHEAP pimp.

We all hit the bottle.
After all... We had committed to tattoos....
And we hadn't been specific with the details.
The Dutch went first:

She cackled like a crazy the whole time!
Of course... Now she claims she doesn't need to wear a bra.

PWT, Ange and CC went next:

Well... We never claimed they were the classy ones of the group.

Not to be outdone.... Gucci had her namesake done across one of her most valuable ASSets:
~Spanky spanky~

Someone apparently forgot to keep the bartender out of the booze, or the special brownies... Cause she came back with this:
She kept running all around the parking lot making car noises and screaming:

The Hooker House mom was smart!
She did all kinds of research for the perfect Tattoo and ended up finding this:

However...She forgot we were being tattooed by a man in a van. 
So she came out with this:

The Queen wanted a new tattoo:

But really... She had no room left.

It was quite the day!!
And then night came. I remember hearing something over the radio about the Queen moving to the back of the convoy.. I just assumed she wanted to make sure no one was throwing booze or xanax out a bus in a drunken stupor. But when we got to the Hotel she was still no where to be found.
It wasn't until we got the ransom note that we knew we were in HUGE trouble.
There was talk about not paying the ransom... After all there is a beer tab crown at stake!
But since "No one" was quite sure where it was hidden at, we figured it'd be better to rescue her, pump her full of xanax and convince her she had a bad dream!

The bar tender... Who had by then sobered up, remembered ALL of the booze bottles we had lying around from earlier in the day, and knew we could form a plan!

If they wanted Gin, we would give it to them!
We filled that dumpster up with all of the liquor bottles we had, all lined up nice and neatly. When those suckers came to drop off the Queen that were so excited at the "Bounty O' Booze" We had provided to get our Queen back, that they gave her one good kick our direction and jumped head first into the dumpster!
Silly kidnappers!!!
We always carry Crocs with us!

We are still awaiting punishment...Whenever the Queen recovers.
Until then it is on with the road trip!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Royals on parade. And our fantastic Rides!

As you all know we are heading out on our Royal Road Trip!
Last year we traveled in style, So of course we had to out do ourselves this trip!
It should surprise no one that my bus is  pink.
This is more like the Queen's dog's bus.
She is one spoiled pooch!!
We have a trailer attached to my bus just for her house. 
After all... She can't be expected to travel with the Other's!
(When she is feeling generous she lets me use that hot tub)
I think my bus gets the point across that all I carry is the fuzzie wuzzies (The Royal's have many pets!) and there ain't nothing to steal in here.

Especially not the prized and coveted Beer Tab Crown.

Now the Royal Bartender on the other hand...Her bus has the good stuff!
And being the clever little wench that she is, she wanted to make the booze hard to get to!
She figured that anyone dumb enough to rob a Royal Bus, couldn't be smart enough to figure this out:
She's pretty much never wrong... So I'm gonna trust her judgement on this one.
I just hope the rest of us can find the booze when we are 3 sheets to the wind!!

Of course our Royal Legal Aid, Ange, had to come along!! If we'd had her with us last year maybe we coulda kept Poor Willie from bein sent to the pokey.
Ange is one sexy vixen! And she likes to spice things up when she is on a road trip:
From what I understand... It comes fully equipped with trampolines, hot tubs and stripper poles! 
What happens on the bus, stays on the bus!

The Royal Duck gets her own ride too:
The queen never goes anywhere without her duck!

The Royal BodyGuard's bus is quite intimidating!
I have heard she is able to be in front of us and behind us at the EXACT same time!!!
I'm glad she is on our side!!!

Babe's just a badass in general. 
So of course her bus matches her epic personality!
Rumor is.... It will come home purple!!!
She has all of the awesome music too.

Kelly, the Royal Candy Girl gets her own bus as well!

We always send her into town first to make friends.
Be careful... She only looks sweet and innocent!

PWT is also one sexy BAMF!!
We love to take her bus to the beach.... Freaks everyone out!

The Dutchess.... Well her bus needed to make a statement....
And that statement is:
STAY the frick away from my weed or I will run your teeny weenie over and wear you as a hood ornament!
I think she gets her point across.

What exactly does the Queen drive you ask?
She likes to get where she is wanting to go!
So stay out of her way or we will run you over!!

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Royal Road Trip. And make sure to check out the Other Royal's blog posts!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Road Trip...? Oh yes it's true!!

You heard correct folks! The Royals are packing up the busses and traveling to where ever strikes our fancies!!
I want to come and visit YOU!
Think you are brave enough to host one of my Royal Road Trip posts?
Then email me at
We want to come visit you and your readers and tell them about the side of you that rears it's head when the Royals come to town!
Check out one of my Posts from when the Royals came to California and I showed them around:
Stay tuned to all of the Royals Blogs to see where we will hit next!




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