Royals on parade. And our fantastic Rides!

As you all know we are heading out on our Royal Road Trip!
Last year we traveled in style, So of course we had to out do ourselves this trip!
It should surprise no one that my bus is  pink.
This is more like the Queen's dog's bus.
She is one spoiled pooch!!
We have a trailer attached to my bus just for her house. 
After all... She can't be expected to travel with the Other's!
(When she is feeling generous she lets me use that hot tub)
I think my bus gets the point across that all I carry is the fuzzie wuzzies (The Royal's have many pets!) and there ain't nothing to steal in here.

Especially not the prized and coveted Beer Tab Crown.

Now the Royal Bartender on the other hand...Her bus has the good stuff!
And being the clever little wench that she is, she wanted to make the booze hard to get to!
She figured that anyone dumb enough to rob a Royal Bus, couldn't be smart enough to figure this out:
She's pretty much never wrong... So I'm gonna trust her judgement on this one.
I just hope the rest of us can find the booze when we are 3 sheets to the wind!!

Of course our Royal Legal Aid, Ange, had to come along!! If we'd had her with us last year maybe we coulda kept Poor Willie from bein sent to the pokey.
Ange is one sexy vixen! And she likes to spice things up when she is on a road trip:
From what I understand... It comes fully equipped with trampolines, hot tubs and stripper poles! 
What happens on the bus, stays on the bus!

The Royal Duck gets her own ride too:
The queen never goes anywhere without her duck!

The Royal BodyGuard's bus is quite intimidating!
I have heard she is able to be in front of us and behind us at the EXACT same time!!!
I'm glad she is on our side!!!

Babe's just a badass in general. 
So of course her bus matches her epic personality!
Rumor is.... It will come home purple!!!
She has all of the awesome music too.

Kelly, the Royal Candy Girl gets her own bus as well!

We always send her into town first to make friends.
Be careful... She only looks sweet and innocent!

PWT is also one sexy BAMF!!
We love to take her bus to the beach.... Freaks everyone out!

The Dutchess.... Well her bus needed to make a statement....
And that statement is:
STAY the frick away from my weed or I will run your teeny weenie over and wear you as a hood ornament!
I think she gets her point across.

What exactly does the Queen drive you ask?
She likes to get where she is wanting to go!
So stay out of her way or we will run you over!!

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Royal Road Trip. And make sure to check out the Other Royal's blog posts!!

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