It's my Friday!!!

So suck it to the rest of you.

I really kind of feel like ending my post right there.... But ya'll know  I am not that mean.
I NEED this week to be over. It's been long and stressful.
The good news is I only have 2 more weeks and I am done with this term and I get 10 days off.
No spring break for me. Just 10 days in between terms.
However... That ten days sounds FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!
I feel like a cave troll anymore.
I am nose-to-the-grindstone-never-take-my-nose-out-of-a-book busy.
But it seems to be paying off!!
And I think I will be spending my break moving.
Although I do have a delicious offer of a night of dancing that I will soooo be following up on.

Enjoy your Thursday my lovelies.
And be very jealous of me and my 1st Friday of the weekend.

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