Finals Week

This week I start my finals. I have one every day for the next 4 days. They will basically decide if I go onto next term or not. I am so nervous. I was doing really well with testing, until we had our midterms. Not doing well on those put me (And most of my class) on academic probation. I have worked really hard since then and brought my grades back up. However, if I don't do well on finals my grades will drop again. The worst part is that if I am 1 point failing, in one class, I have to repeat the whole term. Which, due to scheduling, I won't be able to do. (Next term the class is in the evening instead of during the day) So I am a nervous wreck.
I love this class. Becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician has been my whole focus for the last 5 months. It's not only what I want to do, but for the first time I feel like I am becoming who I am supposed to be. School has been stressful and yet I have been so happy. All I see ahead of me is graduating with my classmates and doing a job that makes me feel proud of myself.
I didn't ever make a plan B. I've never failed at anything before and I just can't imagine what I would do.
I am trying really hard not to think about it, not to focus on it. Just breathe and focus on my tests. But I'm having bad dreams at night, reminding me that no matter how hard I work on not stressing out, I am still stressing out.

And here is another problem.... My Doctor that I have been working with this first term was given a report card to fill out about me and how I did while working for him. (He did one for each of my classmates who was at his clinic) Instead of letting me pick it up like I had told him I would, he mailed them in. Which is not how it is done. It's not done that way, because My teachers need to have it by TOMORROW to add to my final grade for this term. My teachers said if they don't have it by tomorrow it won't be in my grades. That means I could fail my clinics. And if I fail my clinics.... Well then I fail the term. 
So ya.... I am pretty stressed out. And I'd much rather cry then study for my finals at this moment.

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