Monday, October 25, 2010


As I mentioned last week my grandfather went into the hospital. He  has been treating diabetic ulcers on his remaining foot. He lost his battle and they amputated his remaining leg. However his heart was not strong to start with. Now he is in the ICU from suffering a massive heart attack late Saturday night. He is intubated, and some what sedated. But he really only reacts to painful stimuli. They have had to shock his heart many times the last few days, to get a regular rhythm. And earlier he coded and they had a hard time bringing him back. He is going into surgery today to have a catheter put into his heart.
However his kidneys and heart are not functioning well so we are unsure of the outcome. 
My scheduled posts for this week are cancelled. If someone would like to be the main host for the Naughty List this week please let me know. 
If you would like to stay more up to date on what is going on feel free to friend me on Facebook. My name is MissCrystal Nelson.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers, warm wishes and comfort at this time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Royal Vet.

So as you all know the Royal princess CB has run off. I have heard that she is in sex rehab. (Yes I read the trashy tabloids!!) I also heard she was over worked and is "resting". Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
I am gonna tell ya the truth! Cause you'll all find out anyways.
The hooker is CRAZY! We don't call her CRAZY BRUNETTE for nothin! She decided to join the circus as a juggling palm reader. No lie. They came through here last week. CB went all nuts for a stunt driver named Kyle. Now the Duchess was already sinking into the bath tub thanks to the AARP trying to recruit her a few years too early. The Queen was hollerin all kinds of crazy that CB was starting a high class gentleman's club and was gonna try to steal clients.
Go to the circus...see the drunkard in heels juggling 15 flaming knives at once while cussing like a sailor and trying to keep her clothes on? That's CB.
I did order that spoiled princess the stupid flamingo that she begged Queeny and I for. I was stressing out all week about the poor thing getting here and no CB to welcome it. But in the end I didn't have to worry much.
They sent me the wrong Flamingo.

Ya apparently the news that the princess had flown the coop got out as quickly as usual and we had people lined up around the moat to take her place. This one decided to come in by crate. What she didn't know was that the Queen wasn't lookin to replace CB. So she sent the "Flamingo" out to work the corner!
Some of the other idiots thought they would get in with the Queen, if they were as loved by the gators as CB was.

Ya....I can't show the pics of what happened after this pic was taken.
And I wish I could erase the memories from my brain!
Thankfully that got everyone's attention and they decided it was better to leave ASAP!

The press has been all over the Queen that we should have signs up warning people about the gators to prevent "feedings".
The Royal and Gator point of view is that it's a huge castle, with a moat...If you can't figure out not to get to close then you deserve to be fed to the gators. However to appease the press the Queen did finally put up a sign:

I think that makes a pretty good point.
The alligator's were fed nicely this week though. There was an incident with a shoe salesman who didn't get the queen's affinity for alligators and expected her to love these:

She was not pleased! As I am sure you can imagine! And neither were the gators!!
It's been a crazy week at the royal castle!
Stay tuned for more adventures of the Royal Vet!

I really need your help!

As many of you know I am an animal lover. I am even going to college to become a Veterinary Technician. I have grown up with pretty much every animal that you can think of! My mom is a horse trainer, who also raises cows, chickens and pigs. We had Guinea Pigs, rats, Iguanas, snakes, dogs, cats, jackrabbit, lop eared bunny, sheep, goats, cockatiels and ferrets. The only thing that makes those animals different from one is that all are legal in the US. Except for Ferrets. Which are legal in every state except for California. 
Well it's mainly due to a very old law, passed by Fish and Game, which listed the Ferret as a wild animal. In fact, there has been recent legislation that has been set into play that keeps them illegal here. There really are few reasons for this to happen. Yet, the problem in California is not that they will be overrun with these little guys. In many ways, it is about politics and money. There are many that will tell you that there is just too much money being poured into the government here to keep them illegal. This is something that has been quite controversial over the last several years. In fact, the debate about legalizing ferrets in California has been going on for over 70 years.

Of course, those that are against allowing the ferret in the state of California claim that they are worried that ferrets can pose a serious danger to other types of wildlife in the area. 
Dr Geo Graening has been hired by (A non-profit group) to do an Environmental Impact Report on whether or not Ferrets pose such a serious threat!
His report is done and is realeased to the California Fish and Game Commission, (You can read the EIR here.) paid for by on the status of domestic ferrets and their impact on wildlife, agriculture, the environment and public health.  As we expected, there is no impact and this report confirms that.

So how can you help?
Even if you don't live in the state of California we would really appreciate your help!
1. You can donate and help us raise Awareness! Show the world the number of Ferret Lovers is growing!
2. Sign up for the Legalize Ferrets newsletter. (It's free) and stay in tune with how our struggle is going. 
3. Sign up as a member of the 3000 club!
4. Follow Joe Ferret on Facebook. 
5. Follow on Twitter!
6. If you live in California ask your congressman, your choice for Governor, or your assemblymen what their stand is on Ferret Legalization. Send them our survey! Let them know that this is something the state population is thinking about! 
7. Re-Post our Video on your blog, FB page or Twitter. 

I miss my Ferret, Cookie. I would give anything in the world to have her back with me again. She loved baths, taking walks on her leash. Playing hide and go seek with my Cat. And of course...going nutso over my socks!!!
Please help in any way that you can!

Naughty List

Life As I See It

Wanna know how Naughty I am?
I forgot to write up my own Naughty List!!!
Today though I am going to focus on the BGC and what we're linking up over there!

One Crazy Brunette Chick

Today it's time to bid CB a farewell. Yes you heard right.
CB has run off to the circus to be a juggling palm reader. Hopefully she can stay sober long enough not to piss off the strong man. She has juggled so much though in the blogger land that I think she'll do just fine!
My favorite memory about CB is kinda how we met.
I had linked up to her BSF many months ago, but had forgotten to post her button. So the next Friday she chewed me out on her blog! I posted a comment groveling, sobbing and kissing ass  apologizing and she thought I was cute and hilarious and told me "I heart your freakin face hooker!"
We've been blogging BFF's ever since.
I cried when I read the post that she was leaving.
Now what am I going to do with this stupid Flamingo she begged me for!!!
CB I'm drinkin to you! And your skank butt better come back soon!
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Would you like to help host the Naughty List? Do you have Naughty Questions that we can use for the Naughty List?
Email me!!

Strummed with a joyful melody.

One day you'll find your little soul.
Watching wild flowers grow.
Bite your fingers but not your tongue.
Always thinkin you're the only one who gets it.
At some point one of us will cave again.
More than likely me again.
Maybe one day you'll find your little soul.
Watching wild flowers.
Messy hair blowin careless in the wind.
Ghingham cotton print, leanin up against another dirty wall.
What you missin sad-girl?
Lookin for that little soul and watchin wild flowers grow.
Now I see you, and you're the one I want to see past all the shit I've done.
Before you knew it you'd know me.
Watchin wild flowers blown about, torn off their pretty stems, and oh you feel so bad. And you think that depth is there. Maybe  this time the mud spatters are just glitter.
Found that little soul?
Watchin wild flowers grow.

Pity Party.

I remember being 11 years old and crying myself to sleep.
It wasn't a random occurrence by any means.
It was usually a nightly thing.
My sister and I shared a bed and I remember her falling asleep right away and I would be up crying. I was so lonely. I felt so unloved.
I remember praying, actually praying, that someone would be driving past our house, looking for a safe place to leave their baby that they couldn't raise.
And I would find it, and raise it. And it would love me, and we would be our own family.
And I use to ask for that on a nightly basis.
I understand there is something seriously wrong with an 11 year old who would pray for a baby to raise. But that urge to have someone love me completely followed me for years. And of course it got me into lots of trouble.
I worked very hard for my mom and my step father's love. Sometimes I think they loved me. But most of the time they used my emotions to get what they wanted.
Now I have nothing to give and they completely ignore me.
(I should say my mother. I have had nothing to do with my first step father for many years now.)
My mom only saw me and Caden once when I was out there in July.
All of the family together for the first time in close to ten years and she wouldn't make the effort to come see me. She wouldn't even let us come visit her when we called offering to make the hour drive ourself.
Now my grandfather, the only one whom I have ever known, my mom's stepfather, who raised her as a child and adopted her  as his own, is going in for surgery. He is having to have his other leg amputated. A thing that I can't even comprehend happening to me, let alone my grandfather. And my mom is not making an effort to be there for him. My mom, the closest child to them by far! My aunt lives in SoCal and she flew out for two weeks to help out. Everyone else has been calling and texting daily for updates. My mom has not made the effort what so ever.
Apparently we have all lost our usage to her. And I know she gets off on this. She likes to whine and moan to anyone who will listen that her life was so hard. She was the black sheep. And her family disowned her. The simple truth of the matter is that she pushed everyone out. She used every excuse possible to keep them far away.
But the family stayed as close as they could get for the sake of us kids. And they were always there when we needed them.
I'm realizing now how much I have been hurt by having an emotionally distant mom. How much it has hurt my relationships with others. And how it effects me as a parent.
It's weird how I have been able to deal with and heal from all of the physical and sexual abuse, and yet this continues to haunt me.
This person who has made it abundantly clear that I mean nothing to her, I still love, I still ache for, and I still want to love me.
I want to be that baby, and I want for her to be that baby.
Such a crazy mixed up person to have this jumble of emotions.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My crazy weekend with Casey!

So Casey and I headed out this weekend to Mendocino County. It took us about 4 and a half hours to get there thanks to Google's crazy map!

It took us all the way up to Ukiah and then we took this super windy, mostly one way road, al the way to Fort Bragg.

At one point along the way the road kept narrowing, and I said we needed to keep an eye out for animals. I was thinking deer, or skunks or rabbits....Not sheep!!

3 hairy sheep and one long haired sheep.

We had pulled over in a little parking lot to see the sheep. We figured we had come upon a little nature stop. Apparently we had come upon a hot springs!
It was all gated up and we couldn't get back. But we heard people giggling and we smelled weed so we figured out what the place was!

We finally made it into Fort Bragg, and down to Glass Beach in just enough time to watch the Sun setting.

Our motel room was pink and huge!

We even had a private porch with a view to the Ocean

The Caspar Inn

Stamp to get into the Caspar Inn

We saw three bands. 
The New Up. 

John Hearts Jackie. 

And Blind Pilot.

The concert ended around 2 am, so we went to Denny's and had dinner/breakfast and then crashed for the rest of the night. 

Saturday we explored the rest of Fort Bragg.
Starting first at the glass Shop.

Then we went to an African shop. I found this beautiful cupboard that I wanted.
But not for the price!

Then we headed back to another beach.

We stopped off at the cutest diner for lunch!
Hotdogs and homeade icecream!

They make an ice cream out of mushrooms!
This mushrrom is so sweet they don't need to add sugar to the ice cream!

Then we had a beautiful drive home!

We had such a great weekend!
And we are planning to take another trip up there very soon!