As I mentioned last week my grandfather went into the hospital. He  has been treating diabetic ulcers on his remaining foot. He lost his battle and they amputated his remaining leg. However his heart was not strong to start with. Now he is in the ICU from suffering a massive heart attack late Saturday night. He is intubated, and some what sedated. But he really only reacts to painful stimuli. They have had to shock his heart many times the last few days, to get a regular rhythm. And earlier he coded and they had a hard time bringing him back. He is going into surgery today to have a catheter put into his heart.
However his kidneys and heart are not functioning well so we are unsure of the outcome. 
My scheduled posts for this week are cancelled. If someone would like to be the main host for the Naughty List this week please let me know. 
If you would like to stay more up to date on what is going on feel free to friend me on Facebook. My name is MissCrystal Nelson.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers, warm wishes and comfort at this time.

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