My crazy weekend with Casey!

So Casey and I headed out this weekend to Mendocino County. It took us about 4 and a half hours to get there thanks to Google's crazy map!

It took us all the way up to Ukiah and then we took this super windy, mostly one way road, al the way to Fort Bragg.

At one point along the way the road kept narrowing, and I said we needed to keep an eye out for animals. I was thinking deer, or skunks or rabbits....Not sheep!!

3 hairy sheep and one long haired sheep.

We had pulled over in a little parking lot to see the sheep. We figured we had come upon a little nature stop. Apparently we had come upon a hot springs!
It was all gated up and we couldn't get back. But we heard people giggling and we smelled weed so we figured out what the place was!

We finally made it into Fort Bragg, and down to Glass Beach in just enough time to watch the Sun setting.

Our motel room was pink and huge!

We even had a private porch with a view to the Ocean

The Caspar Inn

Stamp to get into the Caspar Inn

We saw three bands. 
The New Up. 

John Hearts Jackie. 

And Blind Pilot.

The concert ended around 2 am, so we went to Denny's and had dinner/breakfast and then crashed for the rest of the night. 

Saturday we explored the rest of Fort Bragg.
Starting first at the glass Shop.

Then we went to an African shop. I found this beautiful cupboard that I wanted.
But not for the price!

Then we headed back to another beach.

We stopped off at the cutest diner for lunch!
Hotdogs and homeade icecream!

They make an ice cream out of mushrooms!
This mushrrom is so sweet they don't need to add sugar to the ice cream!

Then we had a beautiful drive home!

We had such a great weekend!
And we are planning to take another trip up there very soon!

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