Today is a day for Getting Stuff done! Despite my night from hell.

Last night....Ugh!
I went to bed at midnight, but then insomnia kicked in. So I came out onto the computer to play around for a bit....Which turned into 2:30 am! YIKES! Quietly crawled back into bed so as to not wake up Seth. Settle in to my blanky. And then all Hell breaks loose! The neighbors decide to have a party.
2:30 am on a Wednesday...PERFECT TIMING! They are screaming, yelling, walls are shaking, F bombs being screeched by the white trash next door. They finally start to calm down, I pass out. Then 4 am rolls around and I am awakened by an Ulcer attack. Fudging fantabulous! I ended up having to wake up Seth, You're fine on a few hours sleep right? 20 minutes and a vicodin later I am finally crying, literally, in relief from the pain spasms in my chest and abdomen. (Which really sucked since I choked down a whole cup of cabbage juice yesterday!!) But then, not to be outdone....The neighbors start going at it again! Some skank pissed off some Ho and all the hood rats egged them on for the fun of it.
OMG! It was 4 am in the friggin morning!!!
I don't need to tell you all I am dead, tired, exhausted. And I am out for blood. I don't look like it, sitting in my PJ's drinkin a slimfast (SOB! I want my coffee!) at 12:45 in the afternoon.
But once this sugar high kicks in LOOK OUT! I have goals!
  • I will pick up my house.
  • I will cook something for dinner that will not make my ulcers mad at me.
  • I will ride my puurty new exercise bike.
  • I will put on my big girl panties, and some make up, and go rat out the neighbors to the apt manager!
Those are the Now let's see if I accomplish them!

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