Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Deenna Baer and Elisha Covell

As you can see I have chosen to use your real names. If you want to try and call me out, then you do not get to hide behind the veil of anonymity. I have disabled anonymous comments on my blog. You can get a login and comment under your own name, or do what you should have been doing the whole time and stay off my blog. 

You chose to not have Caden and I as a part of your life. That’s your decision, and I don’t hold any animosity towards you for it. However, that doesn’t mean you get to come back in whenever you so choose, and in whichever manner you’d like. If you want back in my life that is MY decision.
And I say no.
Negative people, who hold on to anger and resentment, who refuse to forgive even the smallest error, with nothing better to do than try to make someone else feel bad, have no place in my life. And certainly none in my Son’s. I respected your choice, now you do the same.
If it was your wish to wound me with your comments yesterday, you failed. All you succeeded in doing was earning my pity for your ignorance. You do not know me. Not one iota. So you do not get to assume what I am doing or what my relationship with Jehovah God is. As the scriptures so clearly state “It is not up to you to judge.” It isn’t even up to you to place blame.
I am not going to bring myself down to your level and call you out on all of your idiotic comments. You’ve made your statements and I realize you are too stubborn to argue with. You need your secrets to be kept, and you will fight hard to keep them, and I want nothing to do with them or you. It’s not worth the fight.
You are not worth fighting for.
One day  Jehovah God will help you to see the error in your ways and I honestly feel bad for you. But that’s all of my time and thoughts that you get. My job, is to care for myself, and my son. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. And I am doing such a good job of it, because I do not allow sludge like you to attach yourself to me.
Go and find another person to harass. Because if you try this one more time, it will not be my family that tears you to shreds. It will be me. And the knowledge, plus hard proof of everything you are trying so hard to keep secret from everyone else.

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Royal Responses:

I hope you now see that the only thing you have succeeded in doing is firming my resolve to keep you out of my life, and proving how many people love me and are willing to stand up for me.
I am a good person. With a good heart. My friends love me, and consider me family. But more importantly, Jehovah loves me and has forgiven me for all of my past mistakes, My conscience is clean. And because of that, I couldn't care less how you feel or view me.

Try to enjoy living your life, it will be much easier to do when you have your nose out of mine.


The Queen said...

Honey, we are NOT standing up for you. We are standing up WITH you. We gotcha back baby..

Amy J said...

MUAH! Hugs and kisses girl!

We are here for you even though that poor of excuse of a birth mother is not.

Brittney said...

not sure whats going on but sounds like you have a good support system in the blogging community and good for you for sticking up for yourself hun! ((hugs))

The Queen said...

Anonymous does not want to come out and play on this playground.. so.. guess we'll go find her on her playground... here we go..

The Queen said...

Come out come out where ever you are.. you brave brave little anonymous.. come out and play..

Nikki said...

She won't come out, she's a chicken!!! Chickens hide behind 'anonymous'!

I don't know what makes me gag the most Deenna. The fact that you said total BS on her blog, while you claim to love her and want to help her. That's not love or help, that's being a bitch Deenna. Or the fact that you cannot take any blame for the stuff that happened to her, nope you continuously throw it back at her WHILE claiming to be on her side. Or the fact that instead of calling her like a loving and caring mother would, you said bullshit on her blog and hid behind an anonymous ID. You do realize you are totally contradicting yourself??? It's clear to everyone, you don't care, you aren't here for her, never have been and you are only doing this to boost your ego and get attention...hope you can handle the attention you'll get now although I highly doubt you can.

Oh and I was there when you pulled your drama bullshit when she was visiting a few years ago. Remember?!?! It was my house she stayed at, because she knows she can count on me, she can't count on you.

She's my sister, not by blood, but because I choose her. And as her sister, you stay the fuck away from her unless you can be a human, be a mom and stop pulling your drama attention seeking bullshit.

Royal Sister Wife said...

I love you. I feel sorry that you have a egg donor who tries to turn everything you say, back to herself. "I'm sorry you were raped, but I was in an accident and blah blah blah, bullshit bullshit bullshit.

You are doing remarkably well considering the crap you lived with and through. Love you.

Ashes said...

Oh. My. God.
You're going to be so much better off without such bitterness.
People like Anon make me want hang my head in shame that we can believe in the same Creator.

I'm glad you have a great 'real family' to fill the hole the 'bio family' has dug.

Dutchess said...

We are all here for you honey.

Momma Fargo said...

I obviously have missed a lot and I am very sorry I was not here in the beginning. Support hugs to you!

YUMMommy said...

Thanks for linking up on FB. Now following you back!