Lunarra Star Review

LunarraStar Jewellery is professionally handcrafted with care and attention to detail to produce unique, quality jewellery design. A treasure chest of trinkets inspired by whimsical Fairytales like Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz & Snow White, adventurous historical tales, unusual curious charms and glittery magical things. All jewelery has customisable options to ensure a perfect fit and is presented beautifully gift wrapped.

When I was picked to do a review for Lunarra Star I was so excited but I couldn't figure out what to pick!
Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers?

Or how about Black Beard's lost Treasure?

Or how about a Victorian Birdcage?

I finally decided on Tea Time!

This necklace came in the sweetest little box and sparkles fell from it as I took it out!
(The experience was stunning!)
I pretty much never take it off!
 The detail is exquisite!
I can't wait to buy the ring to go with it!

If you love to have a unique piece of Jewelry that you can wear with anything, you must visit Lunarra Star.
Everything they have is so whimsical and fun and will give you a wonderful sense of nostalgia. 
Whenever I look at my little tea cup I remember my dad reading Alice in Wonderland to my sister and I.
I think that's what makes pieces like Lunarra Star's so special.
Each one takes you back to a good childhood memory, but each piece is sophisticated for an adult to wear.
You can also find Lunarra Star on FaceBook!

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