Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lunarra Star Review

LunarraStar Jewellery is professionally handcrafted with care and attention to detail to produce unique, quality jewellery design. A treasure chest of trinkets inspired by whimsical Fairytales like Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz & Snow White, adventurous historical tales, unusual curious charms and glittery magical things. All jewelery has customisable options to ensure a perfect fit and is presented beautifully gift wrapped.

When I was picked to do a review for Lunarra Star I was so excited but I couldn't figure out what to pick!
Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers?

Or how about Black Beard's lost Treasure?

Or how about a Victorian Birdcage?

I finally decided on Tea Time!

This necklace came in the sweetest little box and sparkles fell from it as I took it out!
(The experience was stunning!)
I pretty much never take it off!
 The detail is exquisite!
I can't wait to buy the ring to go with it!

If you love to have a unique piece of Jewelry that you can wear with anything, you must visit Lunarra Star.
Everything they have is so whimsical and fun and will give you a wonderful sense of nostalgia. 
Whenever I look at my little tea cup I remember my dad reading Alice in Wonderland to my sister and I.
I think that's what makes pieces like Lunarra Star's so special.
Each one takes you back to a good childhood memory, but each piece is sophisticated for an adult to wear.
You can also find Lunarra Star on FaceBook!


Anonymous said...

tell me please when did your dad read you Alice in Wonderland, I was the only one that read you children story books.
Courtney could hardly read or spell and we know Kurt isn't your dad.
Please be real and truthful.

Anonymous said...

This is your sister and mom was the one who read to us, your dad was an alcoholic a drug abuser and is gay and the only thing he tried to teach you was to steal and giving him head.