Saturday, December 17, 2011

Take a bite.

Take a bite out of my heart,
you dirty little beast you.
Why  not?
I can always be spread thinner.
I'm already in pieces as it is.
Time to put me back together now,
but you don't know how.
I'm just your favorite toy for a moment.
You always walk away.
I'm looking for a fight, 
and you don't care.
I'm left to sit alone,
staring into the mirror and wondering what
everyone else sees.
Take another bite of my heart love,
let the sensations fill you up.
I'm so relieved someone can enjoy themselves.
I told myself, and everyone else, 
that you were the only exception.
You always loved to prove me wrong.
Too worn out to put my high heels back on,
and not restless enough to want to leave my bed.
Hiding beneath my blankets and sheets,
I thought I was free.
Silly me.
Take another bite, get drunk on my emotions,
just until you feel that you've done your duty
and have been given all you can get from me at this time.
It's not being used that makes my heart break,
it's being used to it.


Victoria - Washington Boudoir Photographer said...

Love those red heels!

The Queen said...

YOU are a Royal!
#1 Look down
#2 See the shoes
#3 grab the straps.
#4 yank up
#5 repeat until you are in the fully erect position.

Hold you head high, look forward, curl your lip, and march your ass right through the flames. We would be waiting for you on the other side, except we are right there beside you urging you forward..

The Royals!

Anonymous said...

Anger feeds upon anger but doesn't get anywhere, just uglyness. It doesn't build anyone up, It pulls others down with you.
Let go of the anger, pray to let go of all the anger through your whole life. The anger of not being an only child, you wanted that so bad, so you hated your sister for coming along. Anger at me for not finding out too late that your biological father was molesting you, but when I did find out I fought tooth and nails for you. Get rid of the Anger for the 2nd one who has mental problems, Let Jah deal with him. Get rid of the anger of Seth, he is the same person you married, you just didn't give it enough time to get to know him and forgive yourself because you were too young to know better. And pore your love, compassion, patience, mercy, kindness and longsuffering into that beautiful grandson.

The Queen said...

Anonymous, you are one sick bitch.. this is your fucking child. You have told the most horrid stories of her. You should hide in shame for treating your child like that. I don't care if she walked up and spit in your face, you do not treat your child like that.. so many people outlived their children and would give anything to just have one more second with them.. one more memory.. and you.. are stomping all over the memories you have ... You do not deserve her as your daughter.. I however.. do. and that is why she is MY child not YOURS! Her Auntie Dutch and I will fight you for her.. and we WILL CUTTA BITCH! so .. don't try taking our baby ....

Amy J said...

Anon needs her butt kicked for this crap. Miss C is MY sister and she will always have me so step off Mom From Hell and leave her the hell alone. If not, The Queen and Dutch will be bringing their army of REAL family!

The Queen said...

and by the way you fucking stupid bitch.. love will POUR from every PORE of my body.. for this child.. and she will POUR her love back to me....

and no, I'm not going to follow you to all eight of your stupid comments as anonymous, to make my point.. I just made it..

SHE IS MY DAUGHTER.. you may step away! Your services are no longer needed..

PWT said...

Dear Anonymous,

"A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.
The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness."
Proverbs 15:1-2

Your words are anything but soft. Your tongue is anything but wise.

I think you need to open that good book up and see what it says about your current actions.

Ducky said...

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bone ~Proverbs 16:24

Stop the flow of bitterness, lead by example and leave unkind words unspoken. No loving mother would ever cut her child down PERIOD let alone publicaly instead supporting, helping and loving them through their heartache. Take a look in the damn mirror woman. SEEMS YOU ARE A HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM!