Take a bite.

Take a bite out of my heart,
you dirty little beast you.
Why  not?
I can always be spread thinner.
I'm already in pieces as it is.
Time to put me back together now,
but you don't know how.
I'm just your favorite toy for a moment.
You always walk away.
I'm looking for a fight, 
and you don't care.
I'm left to sit alone,
staring into the mirror and wondering what
everyone else sees.
Take another bite of my heart love,
let the sensations fill you up.
I'm so relieved someone can enjoy themselves.
I told myself, and everyone else, 
that you were the only exception.
You always loved to prove me wrong.
Too worn out to put my high heels back on,
and not restless enough to want to leave my bed.
Hiding beneath my blankets and sheets,
I thought I was free.
Silly me.
Take another bite, get drunk on my emotions,
just until you feel that you've done your duty
and have been given all you can get from me at this time.
It's not being used that makes my heart break,
it's being used to it.

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