Royal Cruise.... Epic Fail

Apparently it's time for the Royal Family to hold a Royal reunion. After our cousins hosted that gaudy wedding across the pond, The Queen decided it was best for us to be simple this year and go on a cruise.

Well... You know how the Queen gets when a man in cowboy boots shows her something shiny...I hear it has a pool for the gators so my presence is requested.
Anywho... I am not against cruises... I just know that on  land we can always find a liquor store. Plus I am not even sure half of those wenches can swim....
And I know that at some point the Queen will drunkenly attempt to "Drink the Ocean to find the worm".

My understanding is that everyone is coming! Even the Dame is out of retirement. Well I should say everyone except the Princess formerly known as CB. Apparently this happened the last time her and her ego got on a boat...

All in all I think it will be something to write home about. Keep an eye out for the other Royals... We like to tell stories on each other!



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