What's on Miss's phone?

I am linking up with Jessica for a new MeMe!!!
What's on my phone!

so here are Jessica's rules:
1. spend the week looking for interesting, funny, cute, special, lovely, ugly, silly, crude (okay maybe not crude), or jessica worthy pictures. and by that i mean pretty much anything.
2. when you find them, snap a shot with your phone.
3. then on tuesday, upload it into your blog!
4. and tell us about it.
since we'll be doing this once a week, we won't always have 18 pictures like i have today,
even just ONE is fine :)
(prolly even better)
just be sure to link up YOUR what's on ______'s phone
to this blog post.
then go visit all my other linky friends to see what's on THEIR phone.
leave them a comment!
tell them their picture is hilarious.
ask them what they like to eat on their baked potato.
the point is:
sharing the love
and making friends, THROUGH our phone pics.

Ready to see what's on my phone.....Scary!

My snuggly pooch!
My goofball son!
A white pigeon! Very rare.
I just love this pic!! He is a pretty cool kid.

My laundry for two weeks!

Caden's bed off to find a new home.
My baby niece Anitra falling asleep in the toy box!
My new Blow Dryer!
My new....erm...lipstick.
Thanks D!!!
My Next Product Review.

 Me being weird. And boobielicious.

Giving a friend an annoyed look.

And I took this one today...He was just lying in the road! Kinda sad...

Now Go and link up too!

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