You crash upon me like a wave.
And I, a lonely island of rock, stand and take the beating.
Your watery fingers bleed me dry of tears,
tearing me a part into tiny grains of sand.
Your mirthless wind howls insults at me,
crushing my need to breathe.
But still I stand, resolute to the end.
You purge your anger with each rush,
hell bent on sending me down to where
you never have to hear my sobs.
But like a miracle, I find the strength to stand.
Pieces of me are carted away with you,
stinging me with painful memories, that you crush with glee.
I bend and you hollow me out.
But I've not yet fallen.
I wait, knowing a day of peace must come,
this cannot be all that I am good for. 
I am meant to be held and cared for as a whole.
With all my sandy bits tucked in safe.
But still you crash.
Sending my heart into a forlorn state of weary.
How long can you roar and tear at me?
For as long as there are pieces of me left for you to crash into.

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