Thursday, January 12, 2012


You crash upon me like a wave.
And I, a lonely island of rock, stand and take the beating.
Your watery fingers bleed me dry of tears,
tearing me a part into tiny grains of sand.
Your mirthless wind howls insults at me,
crushing my need to breathe.
But still I stand, resolute to the end.
You purge your anger with each rush,
hell bent on sending me down to where
you never have to hear my sobs.
But like a miracle, I find the strength to stand.
Pieces of me are carted away with you,
stinging me with painful memories, that you crush with glee.
I bend and you hollow me out.
But I've not yet fallen.
I wait, knowing a day of peace must come,
this cannot be all that I am good for. 
I am meant to be held and cared for as a whole.
With all my sandy bits tucked in safe.
But still you crash.
Sending my heart into a forlorn state of weary.
How long can you roar and tear at me?
For as long as there are pieces of me left for you to crash into.


Dazee Dreamer said...

that was beautiful and so touching.

Anonymous said...

Remember the religious leaders in Jesus day, how they would pray in the public squares?
Why did they do that?
Why not take your pain in Prayer to the Hearer of Prayers?

Amy J said...

Anon...why don't you take your comments back to your house of hell and leave her alone? Seriously! If she wants to post on here, let her. I don't see your name on the blog roll so back off. Hell I don't see your name anywhere!

The PWT said...

I recall a few other things religious leaders did in the public squares...

Remember the Spanish Inquisition?
Remember the Salem Witch Trials?
Why DID they do that?

Why not let her take her pain wherever it leads her as long as it leads her down a path of healing?

Momma Fargo said...

You are entirely too talented for me. Bravo! Beautiful!

The Queen said...

Dear Anonymous. Just so you know, the Kingdom has declared you an enemy.. Stay tuned. this is all out war. You have insulted MY baby girl,, The niece of Dutchess.. the God Child of the Sister Wife.. the guardian of a duck.. and the sister of PWT, DAME, AND THE BARTENDER.. we are coming for you.. Don't forget to check my blog on Sunday or Monday.. YOU are going to be the STAR..... YOU.. are going to get the attention you desire....I'M COMING FOR YOU WOMAN... See.. you were so busy judging MY baby girl.. you forgot to lock your closet... YOUR secrets jumped out.. he he... HERE KITTY KITTY!

Ashes said...

Hi. You don't know me and I really haven't read your blog but I read the Queen's and Dazee's and I'm one of those weird people who can't stand to see another sad and not offer a hug. So, *Hug*.
You did an excellent job on "Crash". Words have such power. I wish you the best and know by your words and those who love you that you can weather this time in your life and come out like polished stone; lovely and more vibrant than before.