I can't forget you.

Gone so long.
Down so far.
Why didn't this pain get buried with you?
The cold chills my heart.
Where has the sun gone?
Emptiness fills your seat and I'm drowning in it.
I get so tired, keeping you alive in my memory.
Trying to hear your voice while not allowing that tattling tear to fall.

Maybe if I close my eyes too tight,
and fall off the edge of this world completely,
I can go back, just once.
Back to a time where you are here with me.
I shouldn't be picking out flowers for you.

Not for someone so strong.
How long did you fight, and keep the worst of it from us?
I hate the ground, and how it represents your resting place.
It took you from me.
Cancer and chemo.
2 poisons.
Both killed you.
But I can't let go.
I don't know how.
And it's killing me.
This grief.
It takes pieces of my soul off with it each day.
How many times can I cry for you?
Almost 2 years and this pain never gives up!
It never goes away.
And you stay alive within me.

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