Drama Rama AKA Dear Drama Queen.

I have been really contemplating on whether or not to say anything about this. The more I think about it, the more I feel it's something I need to do. I feel like someone has forgotten I am not someone to screw over. So I am going to lay it all out.
Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning depending on how you look at it, at 3 am, Seth and I were sleeping. (As most normal people with lives do.) When Seth's phone starts ringing. Ya. Now I will back track and say that it had taken me a few hours to fall asleep, then Caden woke me needing some cough medicine, so having the phone go off was just the icing on the cake. We both roll over to see who in the world is calling. I know I was praying it was not his parents or sister with some sort of emergency. Because really....What other phone call could you expect to receive at 3 am?
The call came from a restricted number. I'm pretty sure Seth wanted to ignore it, but since it was so random, he decided to answer it. Here is the convo:

Seth: Hello?
Weird Girl: Hey Seth!
Seth: Who is this?
Weird Girl: .....Your friend, Tania.
Seth: I don't know anyone named Tania.
Tania: Are you alone?
Seth: No.
Tania: Can you get alone?
Seth: Nooooo. I am sleeping.
Tania: Well I need to talk to you about Miss. She has been messing around on you with (Insert male friend's name here.) 
Seth: Ok
Tania: I am his new GF now and I have seen the pictures.
Seth: Ok can you call me tomorrow? I'm sleeping now.
Tania: Well ok what time?
Seth: Any time.
Tania: I won't bother you at work?
Seth: Nope.
Tania: And we can talk alone?
Seth: Sure.
Tania: Ok bye.

"Tania" never bothered to call back. Oh and we don't know anyone by the name of  "Tania".
Now.... Obviously this person knows us, and knows our friend that she named, as the man I have been having an affair with. That's not a large list of people by any means. Then when you think of who we know would go this far to create drama... Ya.... That list gets shortened down to ONE. You weren't very smart were you?

So let's think about this. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, hadn't slept that well already, I had a HUGE test in the morning, been at school all week and was already tired, I had dealt with the donkeyman in school already, and I had a son who was getting sick, not to mention my husband is currently out of work.
SO..... You decided to try making our lives worse. Why exactly?
Cause after that phone call we just sort of laid in bed in shock... Until Caden had a nightmare and we had to get up with him. After that I couldn't sleep so I just stayed up and studied till it was time to go to school.

Before I go much further, Sorry my thoughts are jumbled, I am still trying to collect myself from this most random and stressful phone call, I will address your claim.
No. I am not cheating on Seth, with anyone. Duh. But especially not with someone I haven't seen since May. That would be kind of impossible. Let's also take into consideration that I haven't had a car in a year, and up until he started school I had Caden with me 24/7. And he is only in school in the morning. Now I am in school and have homework and barely have time to clean my house. Which, as everyone knows, is a huge deal for me! So please, in all your infinite wisdom, tell me when I have been able to squeeze in time to cheat?

Dear Drama Queen,
You are a horrible person. I hope you know that. You have decided to be the devil's pawn and try to hurt two people who are already struggling to get through this world. Did you even bother to consider how much stress we are under right now? And you wanted to add to that? What is wrong with you? No I seriously want to know. 
We have our lives. We have our son. And you think it's funny to try to mess with that? Do you have no respect for the sanctity of marriage, or for other people, or even for yourself since you have clearly sunk down to the lowest depths of slime that a human can possibly reach. 
Obviously it's time that someone in your family be taught the lesson that messing with someone else's marriage is wrong and makes you a waste of skin.
I know that your parents tried their best to raise you according to scriptural standards. Which means you know the guideline that if you feel someone has committed a wrong doing, you should go and speak TO THAT PERSON. You wouldn't call their spouse at 3 am and try to talk to them privately, while calling yourself by a fake name. I mean, what did you expect would happen? That he would wake me up and scream and yell at me while you got to listen in? Or that he would sneak out of our bed to talk with you privately and pour his heart out to you? Did you think it would be some magical moment where the two of you would connect? (I can see why you might want that, He is cute and makes great babies....But he didn't like you before this slut!)  If you thought anything close to either of those options you are even more stupid than I gave you credit for. 
Because here's the thing... Seth hates drama. He despises it. He has had me get rid of friends that he felt were too dramatic just because he can't stand it in his life. So seriously.... You only managed to piss him off with your own actions. GOOD JOB!
You know what shocks me the most? Is how you thought you were smart enough to get away with it. When the situation was discussed with certain family members your name was the first one mentioned. So who did you think you were fooling?
I kept asking why. What would prompt you to do this? Is it because I deleted you off my FB? Because YOU blocked me from your wall after I asked if you were dating the SAME person who you now accuse me of cheating on Seth with. Not only that you claim to be his current girlfriend!!! lol RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! He hates drama as much as Seth does. So he wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole. Oh and you should know, that while you blocked me from your FB wall you didn't block Seth. And he saw some things on your FB that he thought were questionable, and said he would prefer I delete you as a friend. So if that is what this is all about, you could have just been an adult about it and asked one of us. Oh wait... Look at who I am talking to. 
Or maybe you think this is retaliation for everything you claim I did years ago. But here is the thing about that.... If I did everything that you claim I did.... You just topped all of it! You are now WORSE than what you said I was. And everything you claim I did....Was YEARS ago. You obviously have not grown up or changed in any way in the last 4 years. 
Normally I wouldn't share how you made my life hell for one night, because I don't want to give you that satisfaction. But I decided to do this for you because I want to know if it made you feel bad at all, realizing just what you did. This wasn't some silly prank. This isn't a giggle we will share in a year. No. You went too far. You went SO far past the line you can't even see it anymore. Normally I would feel bad for someone like you. But I don't. Twice I have tried to get to know a person in your family and this is the second time I have been screwed over. You need to take a good hard look at yourself. Obviously I will never know if you have enough of a heart to feel guilty about this, but you'll know. And if you don't feel bad....Then you should think about what that says about you.
I'm being really nice right now, but if you take this any farther, the gloves come off. And actually... If I ever, EVER get some hard proof that the 3 am phone call was you, I will destroy you. In every way possible. Because as the saying goes.... "I am not a force to be reckoned with and you don't have a clue who you're messing with."  So my advice to you is To grow up, get your own life, and move on.
I have dealt with worse people in my life. Horrible people who have done stuff that even your twisted head couldn't come up with. And I am still here. Consider that.
I really hope you think about what I have said. Because while you might ruin one night for me, I can easily show everyone who you are and ruin your life.
Don't think I won't!!


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