Would you like to be my Body Guard?

The Queen has made a royal decree:

I will put it in the budget that you can have a body guard. We have allowed my left sock to be auctioned off, so I guess we can auction the right one off to furnish you with a body guard. Please Ask Auntie Dutchess to help you arrange this..

So deems the Queen!

ps.. you have to figure out who you want.. and make all the arrangements for their badge... I am overloaded this week.. 

And the Duchess, in her eloquent way, seconded the motion!
So now I am on the lookout for my own personal body guard!
If you are interested.... Please look over the Job Qualifications below:

1. You must know who the Royal Family is. 
(If you read them all then that puts you at the top of the list!)

2. You must find me irresistible!!

3. You can be Man or Woman.

4. You job hours never end, and the pay is bad. 
HOWEVER we will keep you full of booze and xanax to make up for it.

5. You must keep me safe at all times.
OBVIOUSLY.... You need to be willing to 
a) fight for me 
b)Pull me out of a fight when I start getting my butt kicked. 

6. You cannot protect me from other Royals. We handle that ourselves!

7. You are not expected to protect me from the Gators.
 If I can't keep myself safe then I'll be eaten and replaced! It's in my Royal Contract.

8. You must blog, at least 3 times per month, about your adventures protecting me. 

9. You cannot already be a Royal employee. (Or a Royal... But that goes without saying.)

10. If we are given a Royal decree (IE going on a Royal Road Trip) or are given a Royal Call to Arms you are required to attend/blog about it.

Pretty easy! So the line starts here! I would love it if you would write a blog post explaining why you feel you would be great for the job, and then posting the link in my comments below! I will pick my body guard in a few weeks!
Love you all!

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