I would like to highlight a project that I was so proud to be a part of. The Big Pink Ribbon. The photgrapher, Asa Mathat presented this to the UN in New York recently. Asa's vision is mind blowing! This is going to go a long way in raising awareness for breast cancer!
 If anyone would like to submit their stories to the photographer, who I am lucky enough to call my friend, please let me know. Or you can go to the website
If you would like to see more pictures also check ou the PROJECTS tab and scroll down to the bottom.
Or you can check out my blog post on the day of the shoot as well as view a prego pic Asa took for me.

Warning..there is a very slight bit of nudity.

This is my Butt Print!

My sisters! I am the one standing in the middle back in the light purple robe.

Please please do all that you can to help me support Asa and the Big Pink Ribbon. You can even find him on FaceBook! Asa Mathat

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