Lazy days

Is it the weekend yet? Feels like it  should be. I have not been myself the last 2 days. I had a filling come out of a tooth and so that's been hurting, My ovaries have not been playing nicely so they have kept me in and out of bed and on pain meds. And now I kinda feel like I might have the flu. But it is raining outside and that does make up for many things.
So I recently joined this new group called Mom Bloggers Club. And I have been meeting a lot of very interesting and motivational woman! Some of you have even been kind enough to follow my blog! Please please post hellos. I do try to check out everyone who follows me, however I only follow back blogs that are interesting to me.
Joining a mom blog group was weird for me. I know I know, I am not the only one who had an Oops Baby at a young age...but I just hate being labeled as a mom all the time. And I don't usually feel like I'm a very great mom to start with....But on MBC  I'm finding other mom's who feel the same way and who are showing that even though they love their kids they are way more than just someone's mom.

Time now for my mommy bragging moment!
He is a pretty cute little monster. This was Sunday on our way to meeting.
I have some thoughts rattling around in my head for some poetry...we shall see if my headache leaves me long enough so I can puzzle them out and get them on here.
Hope you all have great days and don't forget to post your blogs!

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