Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pink Ribbon

I will not say which one I am....But I am in this picture. This is what I did last Sunday...I can't wait to see the big one with 500 Breast Cancer survivors!
This was a shoot I did with Asa while I was pregnant. You try balancing on tiptoe when you are two weeks till your due date!! lol But he can get you to do anything.
If you would like to check out his website


Inge' said...

I like the fact that he used "real" women. Women of all types suffer from this and I think he depicted that beautifully.

I don't think I could have stood on my tip toes like that!

I love them both!

Eva O'Dell said...

Love both photos. I agree with Inge. I like that they used real women with all body shapes.

You had a lot of balance when you were pregnant. I didn't.

-MissC* said...

Asa is wonderful about that! When he does the BIG ribbon it will be only survivors and most of them have had mastectomy's. It will also aid Dove's REAL BEAUTY campaign.
Two such wonderful organizations that I feel deserve every woman's full support.