Monday, August 9, 2010

Feathered leaves.

Rose scent rain.
A sky of whispered prayers.
I flit, barefoot over the cool moist ground.
On a day like this,
anything can happen.

I feel so light hearted.
Floating along the zephyrs,
I catch every scent from grass, flower and rain.
An earthy aphrodisiac that awakens the senses.

Nothing can remove the smile from my lips.
I feel above all you can say to bring me down.
Your words, though usually sharp like daggers,
pass over me like clouds on their eastward trek.

I leave you with you the venom on your tongue.
I hope it tastes like ash with a bitter edge.
I laugh with ease at your plight.


margg. said...

this is so wonderful.

maison marrakech said...

Lovely sounds like it's coming from a strong lady.
I would love to be strong too..

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I love this. Absolutely beautiful.
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I look forward to reading more of your blog.
Have a terrific Tuesday!

Sharon Cohen said...

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The trees are beautiful after the pink rain and the poem is poignant. Well matched. You've caught my interest, entertained me and I can find pleasure in reading your posts. You've got yourself a new follower. Hope my blog can intrigue, uplift or excite you enough to gain your following as well.

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