It's been an insane 24 hours. Ugh. I'm done!
Good news number one.....MY CAR IS HOME! But not without much effort!
Ever had to go off on a Hindu? I'm not racist. But Hindu's are a hard type to talk business with cause they are pretty emotional people. We went round and round and she finally called Seth to come in and "Handle his wife." Ya...ya'll know how that went over. Finally I mentioned the L word.
Then they started making deals. At that point we headed over to the towing yard to work on them. I made Seth stay in the truck. It's hard to hit on a strange guy with your husband standing there laughing at you. I broke out my strong southern twang, batted my eye lashes, shed some tears at the right moment, and I refuse to comment on the rumor that I flashed him...either way he was ready to deal!
We got my car back. Seth's boss paid half the fee and we paid the other half which is still a brutal amount of money for us to lose...But flashing her wouldn't have gotten me much. But you know I am a crazy good bargainer if I can talk a Hindu out of their cash!
Last night we went to a friend's house for dinner. And they had just paid good money to get some stupid poodle adopted a really sweet little dog. (Love you Jena!) After eating some of the best pizza ever my ulcer flares up....TIME TO LEAVE. I don't know if any of you have ever had ulcers but this is brutal. It starts out as a little pain in my back that gets deeper and more intense. Before I know it I can barely breathe. The pain has my chest and stomach in a vice, cramping up. Trying to drive home and I knew I would throw up. (Literally I kept trying to make sure my purse was out of the way.) About 15 minutes later the pain eases. And it was such a relief that I started crying. (I have been known to pass out from the pain.) We come to the stop light in front of our complex and the truck dies. (Seth's work truck) We lost all the electrical in the truck and had to push it into the parking lot. GAY!
This morning I woke up at 5 am with ulcer pain. I KNOW! It wakes me up and all I can do is hit Seth until he wakes up. I have him pound on my back, kinda like burping a baby, it does tend to help the pain ease some. I popped  a vicodin and thankfully within about ten minutes the pain stopped and I fell back asleep.
So it's back to the cabbage juice. Ugh.

So that's my day!
I have had a few of you email me asking why I stopped writing poetry all of a sudden. Honestly I just got writer's block. Which is sorta new to me. I don't ever force my writing, I tend to sit holding a pen and it just comes out. But recently I haven't had any inspiration (Need to buy the new Jewel CD) And so nothing is coming into my head. But thanks for keeping tabs with me!

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