Horrible Friday

Friday's are my day. I looooooove Fridays. I wake up every morning hoping it's Friday!
Yesterday was one such Friday. I was so excited!!! I knew I would blog in the morning, do my house cleaning and then my grocery shopping in the afternoon, Cook dinner and then Kev and Jen would come over and we'd eat and watch this weeks shows from the DVR.
My day started off as it typically did...me on the computer, blogging and trying to wake up. I had spent over one whole day without the Internet thanks to worthless Comcast, so I had some catching up to do. All of a sudden Seth walks in and tells me I have to leave for two hours cause the bug guy was coming to spray.
Um ya...I am in my PJ's. Hair all a mess. No makeup. Hadn't eaten yet. But Caden was playin outside so I figured I'd sit on the work truck with my laptop and talk to Seth while he worked. I did that for about an hour when I realized I had never seen the bug guy come. So Seth went to find him. Come to find out the regular bug guy couldn't come, but he had given the manager instructions on how to mix up the chemical and the manager would spray everything. No big deal...Until he told me he was spraying in the cupboards! So Seth and I spent 20 minutes running all over the house emptying kitchen and bathroom cupboards and putting everything into the living room. The manager came in and sprayed and after about 20 minutes I told Seth I was going to go into our son's room and sort through a bag of toys Caden had said he didn't want anymore. That way I could take them to donate later. I figured if I was in the back room with the door closed I would be fine!
I walk into the house, which BTW, we had left all the windows and doors open, and instantly my nose hairs are burnt out, my eyes water and I am gagging. I run into my sons room, shove my face into his blankets and inhale deeply. (Don't ever ever ever do that unless you're in a similar emergency!) Finally when I could catch my breath I set to work on separating groups of toys from the big bag into smaller bags. (That way people know which toys go with which! Yes I am anal like that!)
But my throat was still sore and my nose still felt burnt.
After an hour of sorting I was finally done. (Yes my son has a TON of toys. Ugh.)
Seth said he was almost done and we would go grocery shopping. So I went and got dressed. Every once in awhile I would step in a wet spot but I just figured Seth had spilled water while moving something.
I went to put dishes away but the cupboards were still wet. I was not looking forward to putting all those dishes and food stuffs away PLUS all the new groceries...but what else could I do right?
Eventually Seth came in to change clothes and he tells me that the manager told him what all was in the bug spray he mixed up. Bug kill powder, hydrogen peroxide and bleach. No wonder my nose hairs were gone!!!
Then I noticed it. I don't know what made me look at the floor at that moment but I did and I about screamed.

Throughout my My front walk way, my living room, my bedroom, my sons room, my hallway...Pretty much outlining all of my furniture in my apt were pinkish bleach/peroxide stains.
Seth ran to tell the manager but it was too late. The stupid idiot had sprayed over 50 apartments already.
The first thing I did was to call Jena so I could scream/rant/rave/cuss. The second thing I did was text Nikki, Ange, and CB. And I promised all I would put up pictures.
We left and did our errands. Came home to our pink stains and had to still put the house back together, then put groceries away. Thankfully Kev and Jen still came over, Jen helped me put stuff away. Then she made me brownies! YUM! Then we caught up on our DVR'ed shows.
Instead of my fluffy pink start to the weekend....I have pink stained carpet.
Oh and to top it off...my current landlord/My husband's boss/The owner of the complex we used to live in....Is now being sued for the complex we used to live in. Oh yeah...They made front page headlines on Wednesday. YOU CAN READ THAT HERE!
So yeah...Something tells me I'll have pink stains for awhile.

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