You don't mess with us.

For the third time this week is it? I have lost track...Anywho the third time this week I am having to defend another blogger from some douche who feels the need to attack someone else!
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Do you know our amazing Momma Fargo? She is a tough as nails cop, a loving mother, and part of the Royal Security. Now as of yet I am not a royal, however Momma Fargo has always treated me like one! And she has always had my back.
She wrote up a post about something very personal she is currently dealing with. After 22 years of marriage her husband left her. She tried to make her marriage work while he abused her. ABUSED A COP!!! But she tried her best and one day he left.
And after pouring her heart out on her blog some gutter trash had the nerve to say that it was karma. That because Momma Fargo was a cop and had probly done something dishonest at work, Karma was paying her back, in the form of her husband leaving her.
I am at a loss for words!!
So these gals said it for me
The Queen
The Duchess
And Momma Fargo herself. Who never backs down from a challenge!

Karma? Really? Chances are you are in the same situation. Your husband probly roughs you up and cheats on you but you aren't strong enough to stand up for yourself like she is. So you're jealous. And you have to make up some excuse to cut her down to make yourself feel better. Do you know how small you are?
How worthless you are? What trash you are?

Or maybe the truth is that this must be some hooker that Momma arrested.
Or maybe this is the home wrecker that stole Momma's husband.
Or maybe this is just some white trash, That thought she was sounding intelligent for a day.
Either way...You are getting shanked blogger style. If I was you I would delete my blog, re-dye that rats nest you call your hair and I would change my slogan from LOVING ANNIE to Dick Snot and wait 1 year before starting another one. At least. Who knows...We'd probly love to come find you and spam you again in a year!!

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