Please take the time to read this, for me.

The above photo is a screen shot of a comment left on a blog post I wrote yesterday.
If you would like to see the comment you can CLICK HERE.
But I will be posting it now. Because I think it's something I am going to talk about:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Grumble Grumble.":

You really think that you're all that don't you? I saw your stupid ass-print button pop up on some of the more popular blogs so I decided to check you out. But all you are is some dumb ass broad, who tries to be everyone else. You have tried to act like besties with One Crazy Brunette Chick, Gucci Mamma, Sage, BiPolar Diva, BB&B, The Queen and the Duchess. But all you do is leave a bunch of stupid ass comments all over their pages, that no one wants to read! Ya sure you've whore'd your name out enough that you're fairly recognizable, but that doesn't make you any less forgettable. If your blog shut down today none of them would remember you. I doubt any of them would notice you were gone. You're just another fat house wife that no one wants to read about. Shut the fuck up already bitch! You will never be good enough to run with the blogs that you keep trying to imitate! Go back a fucking cake and choke on it! Sounds like that is the only way to get you to stop flapping your yap.

Dear Anonymous,

Well yeah...That was unpleasant to wake up to. Thanks for that.
I'm not quite sure where to start with commenting on this. Because I don't know if the way I put myself out there  comes across wrong, or if maybe YOU just read me wrong.
Honestly though....I know I am not trying to be like everyone else. My blog is my own. And I do a little bit of everything. When I started writing this blog I did it for me. And I'm not changing it. I won't change my blog or who I am to be like someone else. And maybe that's what you're not getting? I am being myself and I have made blogger friends. I comment on people's blogs because BLOGGERS LIKE COMMENTS!!! Well...Not comments like yours though. Sometimes I don't know what to say. But I always try to say something! I have told CB more than once that I wish I could be funny like her! Or told Jana from Boobies I wish I was as creative like she is. And I REALLY wish I was as much of a BAMF as the Royal Family so that I could be adopted in too!
But I don't cuss on my blog. (OK maybe just a teensy bit.) I keep stuff a bit more family friendly because MY FAMILY does read this. My Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents,  Cousins... And I am not foul mouthed off my blog. (lol unless my son is not around and I have been drinking. THEN LOOK OUT!!)
That's how I have always been and I still have made some great friends with "some of the more popular" blogs, as you put it. Maybe I won't be featured on "Gucci Shore" or be a part of the Royal Family. But who cares? I'm not blogging to win a popularity contest. I'm blogging because I enjoy doing it.
Here's the best thing about blogging...If you don't like me then CLICK OFF! Don't come around no more.
You act like you're doing everyone a favor! Calling me out! Telling me off! Calling me names! But you hide behind anonymity. You're a coward. And you're wrong.
If you thought you were right you wouldn't be hiding. You would have your friends to back you up.
I might be forgettable, but at least I am not hiding.

As for the rest of your snarky comments....Please just know that I am laughing at you. Anyone can tell fat jokes. I might be forgettable...But at least I am original.
Gues I'll keep on "Flapping my yap." Whether someone is reading it or not.
The best thing is that I won't be hiding when I say what I think.

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