OMG! And a Please Help!

Guess what I got to do today?
Now as I have said before Laundry day used to be my favorite day.
I love the thought of everything being cleaned and sanitized.
I loved putting away freshly folded clothes.
I loved the smell the house gets when it's full of clean laundry!
But not anymore.
Because I no longer have a washer and dryer in my house.
I have now lived in apts for over 2 years.
Before that I had only lived in houses and I owned my own washer and dryer.
2 years without my own washer and dryer!!!
2 years of sharing with the rest of the people in my complex.
I did ten loads of laundry today.
At $2.50 a load that's 25 dollars.
25 dollars every two weeks.
Not to mention that I lost 5 dollars because two washers took my money and didn't run. And one dryer did the same thing.
30 bucks today for laundry.
As well as all the walking I did.
Going back and forth from the laundromat was over one mile of walking.
(I know that thanks to my new pedometer.)
That means I walked over 3 miles today.
(I want fudge so freakin bad!!! Can you tell?)
I haven't even folded, put away, made beds....nothing.
Just washed, dryed, and walked.

I might start a campaigne for myself!
See I have enough room for a stackable Washer/Dryer set.
I don't care if it's used.
 I want to know about any giveaways or anything for one!
Heck, if you live in Northern California and you're selling a working set cheap I wanna know!
Help me out here BlogSphere!!!
Help me get back to lovin laundry day again!
This Momma Needs a Washer/Dryer!

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