I am a Steeler's Lady.

I just want to thank my girl Untypical Jia for her post today that pulled me out of my grumbling mood!

She is a Steeler's Lady as well!
She is lucky enough to have her husband with her in supporting the greatest team.
Now for those of you who don't know...I am the future Mrs. Roethlisberger.
It's cool...Seth already knows.
My Friend Jena doesn't get why I find him so attractive.
I just do.
He has the look of the sweet smiling farm boys I used to get all swooney for as a teen.
And I just find him adorable!
Here's my little rant for the day however....
I do not believe this man Attempted to rape any woman.
Give me video proof and then MAYBE I'll believe you.
This man is cute and makes gobs of money.
Woman throw themselves at him daily.
Hell...if he ever made his way to NorCal he would find one ready and willing...if you catch my drift.
My fantasy team is set up and I have Benny boy as my QB and Steeler's defense.
Cause no one can throw it down like Polamlu can!
I am ready to win this year!



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