Grumble Grumble.

So.....I am in a grumbling mood today.
(I promise my next post will set your panties on fire.)
I walked out the door this morning to go and get Caden, and stopped by the office first because I want them to take the carpet out in front of my front door and put lino down. (Easier to clean!!) Once I left there and was on my merry way, I called Seth. Or at least I tried to.
My phone would not complete the call.
I tried calling him a few times.
Tried to call Nikki.
Nada. Not happening.
So I went back to the office to call Seth. I got a message saying his the account holder had chosen not to accept phone calls.
Uh hello....I don't think so.
Thankfully Seth has a work phone on a different carrier. So I called that one. He didn't know why it was happening either. He couldn't get a hold of our friend that we have our act through. Hmmmmm...
So I tramped off to get Caden. No phone. No one to call. No one to text. No one to email. Then I had to sit at the school and wait for Caden. No Internet. And no one to talk to.
Ok all of my friends know that I am NEVER without my phone. Ever. I go insane without it.

So ya...Now I am a little crazy. I am talking to Seth via EMAIL!
I am not a happy camper today.

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